There are six projects in this class. More details will be available as the semester progresses.

Project #1:  Design Strategies Journal (50 points)
This project will be ongoing throughout the semester and is self-directed. You are required to collect 5-10 different designs, paste them in your journal, and describe 5-10 strategies enacted in the design.

Project #2:  Design History Layout (200 points)
This project asks you to trace the history of a design of your choosing (anything from iPods to political flyers to postcards to shopping malls). You will create a two-page spread that represents and discusses your findings. You will also write a reflective paper.

Project #3:  Word and Paragraph (group work) (50 points)
This project asks you and a partner to use Photoshop to represent a word, and InDesign to represent a paragraph. This will become clearer to you as we progress.

Project #4:  Design Concept Presentation (group work) (100 points)
You will be assigned a concept from the White book, and your group will teach the class this concept through examples and discussion.

Project #5:  College Hill Project (group work) (300 points)
We will be designing signs for the College Hill Historical District.  Each group will create their own design and will  present it to our client.

Project #6:  Final Redesign (150 points)
In lieu of a final exam, you will use the strategies from White to redesign Project #2.  You will turn in both designs and write a paper in which you describe how you employed White’s four principles in your redesign.

reminder: participation is 150 points as well, this includes faithfully attending class (more than 3 absences will result in a loss of 50 points/absence), respecting each other, keeping up with readings, contributing to class discussion, completing reading responses, turning work in on time, and contributing to group work.

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