The Blog (30%)       |       The Final Project (50%)      |      Participation (20%)

The Blog

Students are responsible for creating and maintaining a course blog. Blog posts will be assigned and are due by classtime. Students also must comment on three other student blogs per week. These responses are due every Friday by 5pm. Blogs and blog responses are 25% of your final grade.


The Final Project

Students are responsible for a large research project. The final project is worth 50% of your final grade. See the assignment sheet here.



Participation is based on your attendence, your level of attentiveness in and preparedness for class, your participation in class discussion, and your respect for others. Because we will be working collaboratively on many assignments, and because learning is a communal effort, your regular attendance is important. You can miss two classes with no questions asked. After two absences, in order not to lose points you must contact me and explain your reasoning for the absence. More than five absences will result in a failing grade for the course. Participation is worth 20% of your final grade.