Final Project due: final week of class
Worth: 250 points


Part 1: The Text
This assignment gives you a chance to put all that smart analysis work you’ve been doing into action. Rather than analyzing someone else's rhetoric, you are to create your own rhetoric to achieve some purpose on a particular issue. You will be creating a text with a particular purpose for a particular audience. You may decide this text will work best as conventional piece of writing. Alternatively, you may think other media are more useful and effective. For example, your text may take the form of a Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign (television, web, radio, posters, etc), a web page, a documentary, a collection of music you write yourself, a puppet show, a photographic exhibition, a television news program devoted to your issue, a radio broadcast, a magazine article, a newspaper feature section, a comic book, or an underground publication (one or more of these combined).  


Part 2: The Cover Letter
When you turn in your project, you must include an analytical cover letter that discusses the choices you made. Who was your audience? Why did you choose the strategies that you did?  Did you consider issues of ethos, pathos, logos, kairos, commonplaces, and/or stasis theory?  Were your choices based on the discoveries you made in your Issue Papers and your Rhetorical Criticism Paper? If so, how did these considerations manifest themselves in your text.  This letter will be addressed to me and needs to be one page single-spaced. 


Part 3: The Presentation
During Week 14 and 15 you will give a 3-5 minute presentation in which you show the class your text and explain your rhetorical choices.  This presentation will be graded on how well you illustrate that your choices are effective ones. It will also be graded on the length and format (so think about delivery--practice and have an intro and conclusion!).