Logos, Paper #3 due: 9/26
Worth: 50 points

Choose a text that is somehow connected to the main issue you plan to address throughout this semester. Your goal for this paper is to figure out how logos plays a persuasive part in this particular text. Those of you working with visuals may have an easier time working with some type of alphabetic text that addresses issues in advertising, OR read the Nike example on page 143 or the political ad campaign example on 144 for a possible path.

Remember that logos, or logical appeals, are defined as: any arguments found in the issue or the case.  Therefore, in the paper you will be describing how the rhetor uses enthymemes, examples, maxims, or signs (or a combination thereof) to make her case. Pay particular attention to the premises at work in your text. Describing the major and minor premises as well as the conclusion will help you logically take apart your text’s argumentative structure.

If our class discussions still leave you scratching your head, I encourage you to carefully read Chapter 5, particularly the examples and the ways that Crowley and Hawhee analyze them.

This project should be word-processed in 12 pt. font, double-spaced, and ONE page. Please follow MLA conventions.

If possible, photocopy the text you’re analyzing and staple it to the analysis.