This schedule is subject to change. All readings, unless otherwise noted, are from the textbook.

week 1 In-Class Activity Due
6/22 intro to course  

needs assessment

solving problems -- the technical & the rhetorical

in-class example

discuss project #1

- read pp 1-11

- start looking for document for project #1. Consider contacting individuals in your future profession.


rhetorical analysis

citation information


- read article 1 and article 2
- read pp 24-30

- Be prepared for quiz on readings.


6/25 rhetorical analysis
citation information

- read Foss
- Bring to class potential document for project #1

- Lesson #1 byJames and Mitch (Abbreviations and Acronyms, Accept/Except)

- Lesson #2 by Matt and Skye (Apostrophe and Affect/Effect)

6/26 work day--draft papers work day--draft papers
week 2 In-Class Activity Due
6/29 peer review - Draft of Project #1 Due

Explain Project #2

CRAP principles

- Final Draft of Project #1 DUE

- Lesson #3 by Jennifer and Kyle (Brackets and Amount/Number)

- Lesson #4 by Melanie and Jessica (Capitalization and Because/Since)


document design

-read pp 291-318

- Lesson #5 by Joe, and Molly (Colon, Semicolon)



charts and graphs

-read pp 271-275, 278-290, 319-322
- Bring object for redesign

- Lesson #6 by Dana, Dan M. (Commas and Compare to/Compare with)

7/3 Independence Day Observed No class -- Independence Day Observed
week 3 In-Class Activity Due
7/6 memos

- read pp 120-124

- Lesson #7 by Yuxiong and Kari (Dash and Due to/Because of)

- Lesson #8 by Dan L. and Kim(Hyphen and Fewer/Less)

7/7 peer review

- DRAFT of project #2 due

- Lesson #9 byShawn and Jose (Italics and Underlining, Its/It's)

- Lesson #10 by Mike and Andrew (Numbers and Dates, Lay/Lie)

7/8 presentations
12 people
Project #2 DUE and PRESENTATIONS by James, Andrew M., Melanie, Kyle D, Dana, Kyle S, Jennifer, Dan M, Mitch, Matt, Jen, Joe
7/9 presentations
-13 people
Project #2 DUE and PRESENTATIONS by Kim, Jose, Jessica, Shawn, Kari, Mike, Ian, Andrew S, Yuxiong, Skye, Dan L
7/10 work time--search for jobs work time--search for jobs and find a resume
week 4 In-Class Activity Due

Applying for Jobs

Describe Project #3

start resume talk...

- complete checklist (circle skills that apply to you)
- look at resources available at Purdue's OWL
- bring 2 job ads to class that you are (or would be) interested in

- Lesson #11 by Jen and Ian (Quotation Marks, People/Persons)

7/14 resumes and cover letters

- read pp78-96

- bring to class a sample resume (ask a friend, coworker, etc). BLOCK OUT name


resumes and cover letters

start working on Project #3

- Lesson #12 by Kyle D. and Andrew M. (That/Which and Which/Who)

7/16 peer review - DRAFT of project #3 due
7/17 work day--revise project 3

work day -- revise project 3

week 5 In-Class Activity Due


Describe Project #4


- review pp 85-86

7/21 pitch ideas and
form groups

Read about Project #4 and come prepared to pitch your idea.

7/22 Proposals and Reports - Read pp 146-157, 168-180
7/23 quick oral progress report and work time - Be prepared to provide the class w/ an informal oral progress report.
7/24 work day work day
week 6 In-Class Activity Due
7/27 Copyright and work time - Read 396-397
7/28 work day work day
7/29 peer review DRAFT of Project #4 Due
7/30 Final Project Presentations Final Project Presentations

Final Project DUE!

Project #4 DUE by noon to Avery 309.

Should you choose to revise any projects (remember, you can revise one), turn in the revision AND the original (with the grading rubric) to Avery 309 by noon.