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Reading Blog
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Reading Blog
You are required to set up a blog at a location of your choosing (I recommend Blogger, but it's up to you). Every class period with readings requires a blog entry (posted BEFORE class). You must refer to all of the readings in your blog (to some degree), but you can focus your attentions on the areas that interest you the most. You can either write a synthesized post where you place all readings in conversation with each other and/or with an outside topic, OR you can write individual sections for each reading. The purpose of this assignment is to help you flesh out your ideas before class, as well as familiarize you with using blogs as reading journals. While I will periodically comment on your posts, this is a pass/fail assignment.


Teaching With Technology Presentation (group work)
In a group of 2-3, you will be responsible for one week of class. During this week, your group must introduce the class to a technology for teaching. I have chosen 1) Course Management Tools (Blackboard, WebCT, Moodle), 2) Blogs (Blogger, Wordpress, LiveJournal, etc.) 3) Social Networking Sites (MySpace, Facebook, Xanga, etc. ), 4) Wikis, 5) Synchronous (IM, GChat, etc.) and Asynchronous (message boards, emails) Discussions.

This introduction should include readings (I will suggest some), a hands-on activity, and a clear description of pedagogical possibilities. You DO NOT need to be familiar with this technology to do the assignment. The idea is that you will learn about it and then share it with us. Given that you have 2 days, you might consider one day a hands-on activity and the other day a discussion of readings in light of the activity--but this structure is entirely up to you.

See .pdf of assignment here.


Book Review
Each course participant will write a book review and briefly (5 minutes) present the review in class. I will provide a list of suggested titles, but students may select a different book with prior approval. The book review should be modeled on published book reviews in the field (see Kairos, TCQ (this might not work, if not visit WSU Library online), Computers and Composition (this might not work, if not visit WSU Library online), Computers and Composition Online. It should give the book's main points, situate the book in the context of other relevant scholarship, and explain the book's original contribution. Students will sign up for a date to present the review.


Teaching with Technology Philosophy in 2 Acts
For this assignment, you are required to compose a teaching with technology philosophy statement. A teaching philosophy statement is an account of your approaches to teaching. It provides a sense of who you are as a teacher and what you value. It addresses why you teach, what you teach, how you situate yourself as a teacher, and how you reflect upon and assess your teaching method. A teaching w/ technology philosophy statement is a statement that focuses on your stands toward and values related to technology in the classroom. It might address the tools you use to teach, why you use these tools, how you situate yourself vis-a-vis these tools, and how you reflect upon and assess your teaching with technology methods.

You will begin with a standard teaching with technology philosophy, that is, a written text. You are welcome to play with the formatting, but the end result will be a .pdf. Act II is a more multimodal text of your choosing. You can link ACT II up with your final project, but it's not a requirment. Also, I am willing to provide technology workshops out side of classtime if enough people are interested. Otherwise, you can learn on your own or consider taking English 300.

ACT I: .pdf (due 2/14)
ACT II: Digital or Print Collage, Slideshow (iMovie, MovieMaker, or PowerPoint), Website, OR Video. You can present your teachnology part II anytime in the final weeks of class. Just give me a heads up a few days in advance so that we can plan accordingly. You can also make it part of your final presentation if that works better for you.


Final Project
I want you to choose a final project that will be of the most use to you. I am open to the following:

A Scholarly Paper: A standard coursework paper (15-30pp) in which you explore a topic of your choosing related to the course materials. I expect that this paper would be as close to publishable as is possible in the time given. This project is great for those wanting to dig further into a theoretical issue discussed in class.

A Syllabus and/or lesson plans PLUS justification statement: A pedagogical tool of your choosing (a syllabus, a series of lesson plans, a unit) that takes into consideration the issues discussed during the semester. Additionally, you will include a short (2-3 pp) justification paper that explains your pedagogical choices in light of the readings we did in class.

You will present your work in a 15-20 minute presentation during the final weeks of class.

Final Projects due Wednesday, April 30th by NOON