The Gail E. Hawisher & Cynthia L. Selfe

Caring for the Future Scholarship

Recipients Past & Present


Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to award our first Hawisher Selfe Scholar in 2012 and are looking forward to many more years of support.

2015 Winner
Joseph Cirio, Florida State University
C&W HSCF Mentor, Moe Folk

joe cirio"I will certainly remember my first experiences at the 2015 Computers and Writing conference as warm and welcoming for many years to come. The University of Wisconsin-Stout campus was an ideal venue for my first C&W because its unassuming intimacy and closeness mirrors that of the conference’s community, attributes in which the conference seems to take pride. The sessions themselves were of course engaging, but for me, it were those moments between sessions, in the backchannels, that are most memorable: having dinner with graduate students from Purdue whom I had never met before but were kind enough to offer seats at their table when the restaurant was full; bumping elbows with personal idols as well as new friends as I hopped around town, post-sessions; receiving helpful feedback and suggested readings from dorm-mates about my presentation and research interests; and the mentorship of Moe Folk who made sure that my time at C&W was comfortable and productive. He ensured that I felt part of something special, and I am grateful for his mentorship and the opportunities made possible by the Hawisher-Selfe Caring for the Future award."

2014 Winner
Janine Butler, East Carolina University
C&W HSCF Mentor, Michelle Eble

janine butlerJanine Butler is a PhD student at East Carolina University. Describing her work, she says "As a deaf woman who communicates through American Sign Language and English, I highly value writers' linguistic identities and our individual perspectives on communicating through multiple modes. ... I intend to further enhance the visibility of deaf rhetorical practices by showing how individuals capitalize on the affordances of new media to make communication accessible."


2013 Winner
Joy Robinson , Illinois Institute of Technology (now a Brittain Fellow at Georgia Tech)
C&W HSCF Mentor, Karl Stolley

joy robinsonJoy Robinson is a PhD candidate at the Illinois Institute of Technology where she studies "virtual teams and teaming using a game environment as the crucible for the research." She has this to say about her HSCF experience: "I want to thank all of the kind and caring individuals who populate the Computers and Writing community. Through the opportunity to attend the conference and the Gail E. Hawisher & Cynthia L. Selfe Caring for the Future Award, I have a much better understanding of the issues, concerns, and scholarship that connect, inspire, and energize this community. It was indeed an honor and privilege to meet many of the luminaries that inhabit this space. Being able to put faces to the articles and books I have read and be a part of the conversation was priceless and awe-inspiring. I plan to pay forward the support I received at the conference to the new comers of the future and as a newly minted Ph.D., I look forward to many opportunities to do so."


2012 Winner
Laura Gonzales, University of Central Florida (now a PhD student at Michigan State University)
C&W HSCF Mentor, Stacey Pigg

bixlerI wanted to take the time to thank all of the wonderful people who sponsored the Hawisher and Selfe Caring for the Future Award this year. As you know, I am relatively new to computers and writing research in general, and I must admit that I was a little intimidated by the thought of attending a conference in a field that is so new to me. However, I was amazed by the humility and kindness expressed by all the people I encountered during my time in Raleigh. In particular, it was an honor to meet Dr. Hawisher and Dr. Selfe, and to be so warmly received by them. I think that the benefit of this award, among many others, is that it gave me the opportunity to be acknowledged (and encouraged) as a newcomer before even arriving at the conference. It became clear to me, even from the first few minutes of the GRN, that the community of this conference is constantly engaging new students and researchers, and is supporting individuals who have interests in contributing to the field. Being a shy person in general, I would have never been comfortable enough to introduce myself to such esteemed scholars without the support of my mentor and without your own kind introductions. As I continue working and researching, and as I begin progressing toward a PhD program in the field, I only hope to be of such support to a future student in my position. Being honored with an award that represents a welcoming and successful community has really inspired me to continue my academic pursuits.