Biology 251

Fall 2014

Tues and Thurs 12:00 1:15 PM



Instructor: Dr. Patrick A. Carter

Office: Heald 217

Office Hours: Mon 3:00 to 3:50; Tues & Thurs 1:15 to 2:00; or by appointment

Textbook Bundle: Stanfield. Principles of Human Physiology, 5th Edition. PhysioEx 9.0 lab book & cd, and Interactive Physiology 10 System Suite cd, bundled with the textbook. Available at the Bookie and Crimson and Gray.

Lab Manual: Zoo 251 Lab Manual. Available at the Bookie or Crimson and Gray.

Required Software: Top Hat. Will be used for in-class quizzes and information dissemination. You will be contacted by Top Hat directly and will be charged $20 when you register on their website.

Top Hat URL:

Top Hat Text: +1 (315) 636-0905

Class Web Page:

Instructor email: pacarter(at)

Syllabus (pdf): Printable syllabus

Plagiarism Statement: Plagiarism

TA Contact Information: Printable TA contact info and office hours.




Click on the link below to see all your grades for the semester.


Please note that point totals, not percent scores, are given for each exam. Exam 1 was worth 54 points, Exam 2 was worth 54 points, Exam 3 was worth 78 points, Exam 4 was worth 64 points, and Exam 5 was worth 100 points. Exam 2 and Exam 3 each had 6 point curve corrections; these have already been added to your Exam 2 and Exam 3 scores. Neither Exam 1 nor Exam 4 nor the Final have curve corrections because the mean for each of those exams was above 70%. Students who took the makeup exam will have the point score for the exam they missed listed in the MAKEUP column; everybody else will have 0's in that column. Regrade scores are now complete for all exams including Exam 4.


Your total points for the lab are presented under LABGR. Lab sections 2 and 10 had significantly lower means than all the rest; students in these labs received a 5 point lab curve correction which is listed under LABCURVE, everyone else will have a 0 for LABCURVE.


Everyone has 5 points of extra credit in the EC column to compensate for Top Hat malfunctions. Students who attempted 75% or more of the Top Hat questions received full credit for correct answers (i.e., number correct/number tried); students who attempted fewer than 75% of the questions lost 30% of the Top Hat points they otherwise would have earned (note that I changed this threshold from 80% to 75%). There were a total of 40 Top Hat questions available; the number of those you answered is under ATTEMPTS. Thus if ATTEMPTS is 30 or greater you get full credit for your correct answers; if ATTEMPTS is less than 30 then you are subject to the 30% penalty. Your total Top Hat points are under ADJTOP; this was calculated by multiplying the fraction of Top Hat questions you got correct by 50 (e.g., if you got 83% of your Top Hat questions correct, and you answered at least 30 of the 40 questions, your score is 0.83 x 50 = 41.5, which I would then round up to 42).


Your letter grade is calculated by adding up all your points and then dividing by 500 to get your course average (XTOTAL). The overall class mean is 74% so there is no curve correction for the final grade. Use the grading scale (see below) to get your letter grade (LETGRADE). Your lab participation score is the final column (EFFORT); 0 means poor effort and 1 means good effort. The effort score was used to determine whether to move students on a grade borderline to the higher grade or not.


If you see any errors in your grades, please let me know by 5 PM Monday 22 December. I will upload the final grades into zzusis on Tuesday morning 23 December.

Final Grades (grades last updated 22 Dec 2014 3:00 PM)




Grading Scale:


A = 92.50% and up

A- = 90.0% to 92.49%

B+ = 87.50% to 89.99%

B = 82.50% to 87.49%

B- = 80.0% to 82.49%

C+ = 75.0% to 79.99%

C = 65.0% to 74.99%

C- = 60.0% to 64.99%

D = 50.0% to 59.99%

F = 49.99% or less