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The 2007 Sims et al study looked at group of 76 R1b men randomly sampled from US populations. The R1b tree below shows that eight of the R1b YSNP markers were not seen in any of the 76 men (frequency < 1.4%). In fact, of the 11 R1b YSNPs known prior to the Sims et al study, only two (M269 and M222) would have been of any use in subdividing this test population. The new R1b markers U106, U152, and U198 were found to separate off 27 of the 70 previously undifferentiated R1b men into three new subgroups. The aim of the present R1b YSNP Project is to characterize new U-series markers that will allow further subdivision of the Y haplogroup R1b.

The graph below shows the same group of 76 R1b men,
but shown without using U106, U152, and U198.

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