World Wide Web Resources for the Study of English

The place to start:

The Carnegie Mellon index to English materials, "The English Server":
Especially strong on scholarship, secondary material generally.

See also:

Voice of the Shuttle

Part of a Princeton graduate student project; contains lots of useful information, including guides to searching the Web.
Online Literary Criticism Collection: index to criticism online

Places to search in:

Yahoo (try this first, limited, but fast and well-organized):

Best for common topics, limits number of hits and is likely to take you to home pages directly.
For more obscure topics, the fastest, most comprehensive search engine.

Lists of listservs

Electronic mail newsletters you can subscribe to and participate in.


Linguistics and Text Analysis:

The Write Site: Aimed at middle school teaching

Spoon Collective Theory Lists: http://jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU/~spoons/

Comprehensive list of lists:

MLA English Graduate Student List: E-GRAD:

The most comprehensive list for the humanities: Humanist:

Calls for papers:

Job Openings:

Languages and Linguistics:

Feminism and Women's studies:

Queer Studies:

American Studies:

American Studies Web: A Guide to American Studies Resources on the Internet:

Archiving Early America: Historic Documents from 18th Century America and the journal Early America Review

Writing Black USA

Greek and Latin Classics Internet Resources:

Medieval Studies:


Electronic Beowulf:


J.M. Massi's Shakespeare pages:

Renaissance English Literature:

Archive for 18th-Century Studies: Romanticism

Blake Multimedia Project:

Victorian Literature

Victorian Web

Reference sources & electronic peer-reviewed publications

Searchable hypertext dictionary:

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations:

Searchable Bibles:


Postmodern Culture:


CWRL: The Electronic Journal for Computer Writing, Rhetoric and Literature:


an international, electronic review of books on theory, technology and culture at Concordia University: Kairos: A Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments:

Jouvert: A Journal of Postcolonial Studies:

Text archives:

Searchable index to books online by title:

Searchable index to books online by author:

Library of Congress index to text archives:

The Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia:

Victorian Women Writers Project

Internet Poetry Archive

Catalogues and indexes:

Library of Congress:


FirstSearch: telnet:// You'll need the same ID and password as when you use this resource from the library terminals.

ABELL: The Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature:

Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, University of Virginia:


Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography

Local resources:

WSU Department of English :

Paul Brians' Common Errors in English Page:

Paul Brians' Serious Links Page:

Paul Brians' list of cultural events at WSU:

World Civilizations Home Page:

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