About the Common Errors in English Search Engine

The search engine on this site is provided free by Google Custom Search. I do not have the time or means to create a custom search engine. It generally works well, but you should be aware of a few points.

If you click on a link the search brings up which ends with “errors.txt” you will be taken to the all-text version of this site. It has some advantages, but it does not provide an easy way back to the main site.

Many of my entries are short enough so that the brief quotation Google provides will cover the point, but if I have recently revised an entry, the words you read in Google may differ from those on the site until Google catches up with my latest changes.

You may land on my “More Errors” page, which is formatted very differently from the rest of the site, with the left-hand column containing the erroneous form and the right-hand column the correct form. Before writing to inform me that the left-hand column contains a valid word, please scroll all the way up to the top of the page and read the introduction which explains how that page works.

Similarly, you may land on my “Non-Errors” page, which works a little differently from the main site.

I resisted for a long time putting a search engine on the site partly because most people found the site most useful when browsing. But enough people have written me asking that I add entries which are already here so that I decided it was time to make searching easier. But if you have some free time you may find that you enjoy making unexpected discoveries while browsing through the site.

Close this window to return to the main site and begin searching or reading.

Paul Brians
September 11, 2007.