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Common Errors in English Usage: The Book (3rd Edition, November, 2013)

I’d call Paul Brians’ book incredible, fabulous, or fantastic, except thanks to him, I know now that none of those words are what I really mean. Let’s just say that Common Errors in English Usage is the most cheerfully useful book I’ve read since the Kama Sutra.
—Scott Simon, National Public Radio

I rarely take a Grammar Girl podcast live without at least quadruple-checking my main thesis, and Common Errors in English Usage has quickly become one of my most valued fact-checking resources. When the corners of this book are worn off, the spine is broken, and the fuzzy edges are spiked with Post-it notes marking your most used pages, don’t forget to write Brians a note of thanks. By distilling reams of rules and opinions into a usable, entertaining reference book, he’s made all our lives a little easier.

—Mignon Fogarty (“Grammar Girl”)

William, James Co. has published a book based on this site titled Common Errors in English Usage. It contains most of the contents of the Web version (as of the date of publication) plus more detailed discussion of many of the entries simply listed here under “More Errors.” Since the site will remain online for free use, why should you buy a copy?

Read more about the book on the William, James site. Shipping within the US is free if you order here.

Or phone 1-800-FBA-BOOK (1-800-322-2665 for those who dislike dialing letters).

If you are a fan, you might consider asking your local bookstore or library to order the book.

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