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This project has been hugely successful, judging by its high ranking in Google when you type in the word “English.” It probably would have risen to the top sooner if people had just linked to the correct address at instead of the obsolete (though still functional) address at If you’re recommending my site, please use the first address. It’s also easier to type and remember.

If you are suggesting my site to other people, I strongly prefer that you link not to the errors.html page but to the site home page at where I address a number of important issues which people commonly ask me about. Please direct your readers to that page so they can get my introductory remarks rather than plunging right into the list of errors and generating extra work for me.

There used to be a counter on that page, but it drastically understated the traffic because only a minority of visitors ever saw it (and there were technical problems with it as well), so it has been removed. To get an idea of the site’s popularity, click on the “Site Meter” icon at the bottom of the main errors page and add 1,000,000 to the total to get a fairly accurate figure for the number of visitors to this site since 1997.

Some publications actually query the owners of pages to check URLs and other info before publishing reviews. This practice makes great sense and avoids creating the sorts of messes I spend all too much time cleaning up. Several printed reviews of my site have contained typographical errors in the URL, rendering them inoperable.

If you like my work, please check my other projects at “Common Errors in English” is only a small part of what I do.

If you are a real fan, consider recommending the book based on this site to your local bookstore and library. Read more about the book.


Paul Brians

This page first mounted July 8, 2000.

This page revised December 20, 2014.

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