Baroque Music Assignment #2

Due May 31

You are to choose a CD (or set of CDs) from the WSU Media Materials Service (MMS) and write a brief comment on it. The initial titles given below in English are to help you choose your selection, but in some cases the titles in parentheses afterward are the titles as listed in the WSU Library catalogue in foreign languages.

First, click on the CDM number of the recording your are interested from the list below. This will connect you with its entry in Griffin, the WSU library catalogue. Look under "STATUS" to see whether or not the disc is checked out. If it says "ON SHELF," you're in luck; but if not, try another disc. Remember that when you are in Griffin, you can always get back to this page by clicking your "Back" button.

If you have a slow connection, you can also try using Griffin via Telnet. Here are some instructions.

Second, To check out CD's from Washington State University Media Materials Services, choose what you want below and then contact Extended Degree Library Services at 1-800-435-5832 or email The CD's will be mailed to you first class and must be returned within two weeks to avoid overdue fines. You can check out up to three discs or disc sets (multiple discs with the same CDM number together in a box); but please avoid checking out a lot from this list during the same period of time that everyone else will be working on it.

Then read the liner notes that come with the CD and listen to the music. Your assignment is to describe one or two things that are described in the notes and that you can hear in the music. You need not use technical terms, and you must not copy the notes; just tell in your own words what you think you hear that the notes of have described. If the notes don't help you, try to describe some feature of the music that you can hear without their help. Then add your own personal reaction to the music. This assignment is to be 50-100 words long (longer if you wish).

Go to the "Baroque Music Assignment #2" table in the Speakeasy Café to do this assignment.

Various composers:


Orchestral Music

Keyboard Works

Other Instrumental Works

Vocal Music


Orchestral Music

Vocal Music

Elizabeth Jacquet de la Guerre:



Instrumental Music

Vocal Music

If are interested in hearing other CDs in the MMS collection--for instance, for your research paper--you can get at them in the following way.
  1. Go to Griffin on the Web:
  2. Click the "Author" button.
  3. Type the name of the composer you are interested in.
  4. Press "Enter" (on a Macintosh, press "return").
  5. Click on the "Limit/Sort" button in the upper right.
  6. Under "MATERIAL type" pull down the menu so that it changes from "ANY" to "SOUND RECORD."
  7. Click on the big button at the bottom which reads "Limit/sort items retrieved using above data."
  8. You will then get a list of the CDs containing music by your composer. Many entries will be duplicates. You have to click on the underlined titles to see the full entry on that disc and whether it is checked out or not.

If you'd just like to browse the collection and don't know in advance precisely what you're looking for, try this:
  1. Start, as above, at
  2. Click on the button in the lower left-hand corner which reads "Local."
  3. Type in this: CDM
  4. Press "Enter" (or "return")
  5. You will get records for CDs numbered 1, 10, 100, 1000, 1001, 1002, etc. up to 1008. Note that this is computer numbering, but since the CDM numbers are essentially arbitrary anyway you won't be any worse off than someone browsing the shelves in MMS.
  6. Click on number 1.
  7. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the button at the lower left which says "Next Record."
  8. Repeat this procedure until you find something you want.

Created by Paul Brians, June 6, 1998
Last updated October 12, 2000

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