Lecture 11: Golden Age of Athens: Poetry & Tragedy

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(Brians 61-71, 89; video: excerpt from Antigone)

Questions about Greek Lyric Poetry: Tyrtaios: "Spartan Soldier:" *What does this poem tell us about Spartan values?

Sappho: "To Anaktoria:" *Why does Sappho compare Anaktoria, who has left her, to Helen of Troy?

Sappho: "Seizure:" Why is the speaker so upset by what she sees? Questions about Sophocles' Antigone: Why does Creon insist on treating Eteocles' body with such contempt? What value does Antigone oppose to Creon's insistence on the final authority of the state? *Evaluate Creon's arguments. Do they have some validity? Explain.

Lecture topics:
Lyric poetry
     The First Delphic Hymn
Sophocles: Antigone

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