Lecture 28: Sub-Saharan African Culture

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(Duiker 222-234; Brians 273-282)

Questions about Duiker:Which was the first of the great commercial states to emerge in West Africa? What was its main export? *Why was Mansa Musa famous? Describe the famous ruins of Great Zimbabwe. How were women's roles different from elsewhere? How did slavery originate in Africa? *What are the main features of traditional African music? Briefly describe the art of Benin. What is unusual about the remarkable Coptic churches of Ethiopia?

Questions about The Epic of Sunjata: *What signs are there before his birth that foretell that Sunjata will be an extraordinary person?

Questions about Ibn Battuta: *What does Ibn Battuta say are the most important virtues of the people of Mali? *What are the main criticisms he makes of them?

Lecture topics:
Sudanese cultures
Importance of trade, iron-smelting
Scope, founding of Timbuktu
Mansa Musa's fame
What goods traded?
Travels of Ibn Battuta
Sudanese Islam
Characteristic adaptations of Islam
Art of Benin and Ife
Realistic bronze sculpture
Portugese in Africa
Admiration for African culture
Ivory carving

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