Lecture 5: The Nile Valley: Egyptian Civilization

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(Duiker 15-22)

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Questions about Duiker: *What roles did the Nile River play in the development of Egyptian civilization? What does the "Hymn to the Nile" have to say about this role? What is being referred to when the hymn talks about when the Nile is "sluggish"? *What were the natural barriers which protected Egypt? Which is further north: Upper or Lower Egypt? Briefly describe the social class structure of ancient Egypt. *Why was Osiris especially important? What were the main functions of the pyramids? *What made Akhenaten different from other pharoahs? *Describe women's roles in ancient Egypt. Lecture topics:

Lecture topics:
Narmer unites Upper and Lower Egypt
The Egyptian empire
Ramses II
Hatshepsut & her achitect Senmut

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