Note: The content of these pages is derived from that on the pink encyclopedia guide available at Holland Library but is arranged somewhat differently. The General Encyclopedias have been moved to the top of the list and combined with the biographical sources because they are what I want you to begin with. The notation "Holref" indicates that the work so marked is to be found in the Reference Room in Holland Library. If you ask a librarian to help you, be sure to show them this sheet and point out this note so that the librarian will not use the divisions set up by the standard pink sheet instead. Keeping this straight is your responsibility, not theirs.

Section A: General Encyclopedias & Biographical Sources:

Sources for Basic Background (start with these).

Holref AE 5 E363 1987    Encyclopedia Britannica
Encyclopedia Britannica On-Line
Holref AE 5 A23 1991    Academic American Encyclopedia
Holref AE 5 C683 1994    Collier's Encyclopedia
Holref AE 5 E333 1991    Encyclopedia Americana
(CD-ROM encyclopedia located on ground floor in Holland MMS)
Holref CT 103 M27    McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of World Biography
Holref CT 104 G68 1989    Great Lives from History. Renaissance to 1900 Series.
Holref CT 113 G74 1988    Great Lives from History. Ancient and Medieval Series.
Holref CT 3202 I57    International Dictionary of Women's Biography
Holref HQ 1115 W6 1999      Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia

Holref D 20 H87x 1993    Hutchinson Dictionary of World History
Holref D 9 W47 1994    World History
Holref D 21 E577 2000      Encyclopedia of World History

Holref GN 307 E53 1991      Encyclopedia of World Cultures

Section B: More specialized encylopedias & reference works:

Places - Sources Focusing on Countries, Continents, Areas of the World

Holref DF 16 D513    Praeger Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Civilization
Holref DF 521 093 1991    Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium
Holref DG 270 B86 1994    Encyclopedia of the Roman Empire
Holref HQ 1136 L54 2000      Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Greek and Roman Women

Holref DS 31 E53 1988    Encyclopedia of Asian History
Holref DS 334.9 C36 1989    Cambridge Encyclopedia of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka...
Holref DS 35.53 095 1995    Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World
Holref DS 44 C37 1988    Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Middle East and North Africa
Holref DT 2 E53 1997      Encyclopedia of Precolonial Africa

Holref DS 69.5 R63 1990    Cultural Atlas of Mesopotamia and the Ancient Near East
Holref DS 56 09 1997      Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East
Holref DS 57 C55 1995      Civilizations of the Ancient Near East
Holref DS 12 E53x 1999      Encyclopedia of Asian Culture
Holref DS 31 E53 1988      Encyclopedia of Asian History

Holref DS 705 P47 1999      Encyclopedia of China
Holref DS 805 K633 1983    Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan
Holref DS 805 P47 1991    Encyclopedia of Japan: Japanese History and Culture from Abacus to Zori
Holref DS 805 J263 1993      Japan: an Illustrated Encyclopedia

Holref DT 14 C83 1981    Cultural Atlas of Africa
Holref DT 18 R34 1994    100 Great Africans
Holref DT 56.9 B34    Atlas of Ancient Egypt
Holref DT 58 B96 1991    Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt
Holref DT 58 O94 2001      Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt
Holref DT58 .P653 Dictionary of Egyptian Civilization (much older)

Holref GN 307 E53 1993    Encyclopedia of World Cultures
Holref HC 59.7 H87 1992    Encyclopedia of the Third World

Ideas - Religion, Philosophy, Theory and Ideology
Holref CB 5 D52      Dictionary of the History of Ideas

Holref B 131 E5    Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies
Holref B 51 R68 1998      Routledge Encylopedia of Philosophy (the best)

Holref B 41 E5 1972    Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Holref BL 1005 L4813 1989    Encyclopedia of Eastern Philosophy and Religion: Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Zen
Holref BL 31 E46    Encyclopedia of Religion
Holref BL 310 L453 1959    Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology
Holref BL 311 D513 1991      Mythologies
Holref BL 31 E46      Encyclopedia of Religion
Holref BL 80.2 E495 1988      Encyclopedia of World Faiths

Holref BP 40 G42 1989    Concise Encyclopedia of Islam
Holref BR 95 E48    Encyclopedia of Theology
Holref BS 440 I63    Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible
Holref DE5 O9 1996    Oxford Classical Dictionary (Greece, Rome)
Holref CB 5 D52    Dictionary of the History of Ideas
Holref D25 A2 K63 1986    Dictionary of Wars
Holref BX 841 N44 1967    New Catholic Encyclopedia
Holref DS 102.8 E5    Encyclopedia Judaica
Holref DS 102.8 W55    Encyclopedic Dictionary of Judaica
Holref DS 37 E523    Encyclopedia of Islam
Holref DS 440 M434 1993    Oxford Companion to the Bible
Holref JA 61 B57 1987    Blackwell Encyclopedia of Political Thought
Holref JA 61 S37 1982    A Dictionary of Political Thought

Historical Periods: General and Specific Histories
Holref CB 311 E536 2000      Encyclopedia of the Ancient World
Holref CT 114 R57 2002      The Rise of the Medieval World, 500-1300: A Biographical Dictionary
Holref CB 353 G7    Illustrated Encyclopedia of Medieval Civilization
Holref CB 351 E53 2000      Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages
Holref CB 353 G7      Illustrated Encyclopedia of Medieval Civilization

Holref CB 361 B43 1987    Encyclopedia of The Renaissance
Holref CC 70 M32x 1983    Macmillan Dictionary of Archaeology
Holref D 114 D5 1982    Dictionary of the Middle Ages
Holref HQ 1143 L38 2001      Encyclopedia of Women in the Middle Ages

Holref D 25 A2 K63 1986    Dictionary of Wars
Holref DS 118 E465 1986b    Encyclopedia of Jewish History

Art And Literature - Including Fine Arts, Music, Architecture, and Theater
Holref ML 100 G16 2002      Garland Encyclopedia of World Music

Holref ML 100 N48    New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (also available online through Griffin)
Holref ML 100 N496x 1983    New Oxford Companion to Music
Holref N 31 D5 1996      Dictionary of Art

Holref N 33 M23    McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Art
Holref N 33 P68    Praeger Encyclopedia of Art
Holref N 31 E533      Encyclopedia of World Art (and Architecture)

Holref NA 200 S74 1977    Encyclopedia of World Architecture
Holref NA 31 Y37 1986    Encyclopedia of Architecture
Holref NA 40 I48 1993      International Dictionary of Architects and Architecture

Holref PA 3002 H37 1966    Oxford Companion to Classical Literature
Holref PK 2902 E53x 1987    Encyclopedia of Indian Literature
Holref PN 1625 M3 1984    McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of World Drama
Holref PN 2035 H3x 1983    Oxford Companion to the Theatre
Holref PN 41 B4 1987    Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia (World Literature)
Holref PQ 41 H3 1984    Oxford Companion to French Literature
Holref PR 19 D73 1985    Oxford Companion to English Literature

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