There will be three major written examinations which will test your ability to integrate the material you have studied by writing both essays and short answers. They will be graded according on the basis of 1) recall of information, 2) ability to interpret it, 3) ability to make comparisons across cultures (this item is particularly important), and 4) clarity and correctness of writing. Details are crucial; broad generalizations with little supporting evidence get little credit. The most common error is to rely exclusively on the textbook as a source of information, ignoring the reader and materials presented in lecture, including the images on the screen. Be sure to study all relevant materials. Study guides to the examinations will be provided one week in advance of each exam.

Note that the schedule for final examinations is available online. It is strictly against university policy for final exams to be given earlier than scheduled and no exceptions will be made for any reason. Make your travel plans now to avoid conflicts with your finals schedule.

Note on Final Exam:

No incompletes or late exams will be accepted on account of travel plans. You must be present on the official date to receive credit for the final.

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