Extra Credit

You may attend and report on more than one of the cultural activities for extra credit. You may also view and report on films from the list near the end of this syllabus. You may also do extra Web assignments. To get the credit you must thoroughly explore three fairly complex sites, spending from 1-2 hours in the process. Describe what you learned from each site and evaluate it in a written report. See this packet for instructions on how to access the Web. Each report will describe the event, film or Web exploration and your reaction to it. For a film, discuss what you learned by watching it and your evaluation of it. Most of each report should be devoted to explaining what you learned; no more than brief paragraphs to evaluation.

If you have a computer with a fast connection, a sound card, and RealPlayer installed, you can do a world music assignment. Note that if you are a Macintosh user, Internet Explorer will not work--use Netscape or Safari.

Extra credit reports are good for 1 percent each, but you may receive credit for no more than five extra credit assignments. All extra credit reports must be at least 600 words long.

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