Library Assignment

There will be a library research assignment which will consist of choosing a historical personage who lived before 1500 and exploring various sources in the library in order to fill out a questionnaire and write a brief assignment about the life of that person. These will be graded on the basis of 1) success in identifying useful sources in the library, 2) correctness of information, 3) clarity and correctness of writing. You should look over the list of persons in your packet now, and perhaps look up some information about them to decide which you will want to choose. Only one person may report on a single figure, so choose several alternatives. Note that the most famous Western civilization names get signed up for first, so you should include some less familiar, non-Western figures as well. Your text's index or a good encyclopedia is a good place to start to find out a little about these people.

Tips on doing the library assignment: Start early. Most problems are caused by starting too late. Recall any books that you need which are checked out. When you cannot find a book on the shelf, have it searched. Never make a mark of any kind in any library book. Photocopy machines are available to make copies which you may then mark up. Cutting pages out of books or magazines instead of photocopying them is a criminal offense. Return any books you are done with promptly so that others may use them.

Note: the forms on which you will do the library assignment are designed to be printed out rather than used on-line.

Click on this link to download the library asssignment forms in .pdf format.
You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to open and print these forms.
Click on this link to download Acrobat Reader.

If you do not succeed in getting the .pdf files, you can view and print out these Web equivalents which are not as neat and easy to use, but which are provided as an alternative.

List of names for library assignment Choose your topic here. (Signing up for your person's name is Step 1 of this assignment.)
List of Encyclopedias Choose the encyclopedias you will use here.
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4, Parts 1 & 2
Step 4, Part 3

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