Library Assignment

Step 4, Part 3

Celebrity interview (600-word minimum)

Pretend you are an interviewer asking your subject about the most interesting or important event or series of events in his or her life. Do not try to cover the person's whole life in all of its aspects or discuss such topics as place and date of birth (those are taken care of on the form you have filled out). Write your interview in the form of a dialogue, using a speaking style appropriate to the person, based on what you have learned of him or her. Use specific facts as much as possible. You may imitate a particular kind of interviewer (news reporter, talk-show host, etc.) or pretend to be a specific famous reporter if you wish. Either in the introduction to your interview or in the conclusion you must address your audience directly, stating what interests you about your person and how you feel about meeting him or her. DonŐt go easy on your subject: challenge them, question them about any embarrassing or controversial aspects of their lives as a real interviewer would.

Use information from the sources you consulted, but do not quote from them more than a sentence or two. Do not copy the exact words of your source unless you place them in quotation marks. If you do quote, be sure to state from what source the quotation comes. The interview must be typed.

Before you hand in your assignment, go over the following checklist carefully to make sure you have done the assignment properly:

  • Did you list only sources that you actually used?

  • For the interview, did you write at least 600 words? There is no maximum number of words required.

  • Did you focus in on one major area of the person's life, being careful not to try to discuss several different areas?

  • Did you avoid copying from your sources and reword the information in your own language? Failure to do so is plagiarism and will result in an "F" for the course and a report to Student Affairs.

  • Did you include your reaction to the person whose life you researched?

  • Have you assembled all three parts of this assignment and stapled them together? (No stapler is available in class.)

    Your project will be checked and returned to you with suggestions about how it should be revised.

    Check your syllabus for the date of the revised version. The revised version must be accompanied by the graded first version when you hand it in.

    If requested revisions are not made satisfactorily, your grade will go down, not stay the same. Revision is crucial.

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