English 402: Technical and Professional Writing
     Instructor: Bryan Fry
     Office: Avery 371
     Office Hours: Summer hours by appointment

     Job/School Application Portfolio Assignment (see rubric)


This is a portfolio-based assignment which means you will be required to submit a portfolio that includes the work you have done during the first four weeks of class along with a letter of transmittal. Please note that some of these documents have different audiences. Though you will compose your letter and resume for a potential employer or graduate school, you will compose the assignment for your teacher. This just means that your letter of transmittal should be addressed to me. Look at the portfolio rubic above for more information.


The Portfolio must be professional-looking and contained in a folder of your choice (please do not place it in a bulky three-ringed binder). The materials must be organized in an easy-to-understand manner that will convince the teacher that you have put thought and care into preparing the Portfolio. The letter and resume are a part of this Portfolio and your grade will be largely based on those documents, but the impression you create with the Portfolio will influence the grade as well. Your job ad must be included in the Portfolio.

     Letter of Transmittal

In addition to including the application letter, resume, and all assignment materials you have processed, the Portfolio must be accompanied by a Letter of Transmittal. The purpose of this type of letter is outlined on page 479 of your textbook. Remember that the letter is the first thing I will see. Therefore, you should use appropriate letter formatting and establish a clear, professional tone.  Please do not merely summarize the assignment. Focus on your process in putting this portfolio together and provide specifics. Address your letter to Professor Fry.

     Order of the Portfolio

1. Letter of Transmittal
2. Job Ad
3. Letter
4. Resume
5. All other materials (appropriately organized to illustrate the development of the unit--organization of this part of the Portfolio is up to you)

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