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Dickens (X)
"Roman Fever" a Satire?
Twelve Poems and Verses
Edith Wharton and the Erotic (X)
The Story of Mary MacLane
Title of The House of Mirth
Public Transportation to The Mount?
Edith Wharton and Norah Lindsay
Source for Quotation on "Overarching Views"
"Mountain" or "mountain" in Summer?
I wonder if someone would be kind enough to point me to Edith Wharton's reference to New York society's refusal to receive Charles Dickens.  I thought it was in Old New York, but was unable to locate it.

Many Thanks,
Barclay Johnson

The Dickens reference in _Old New York_ is in the novella "The Spark:"

"[T]hey breathed a joint sigh over the vanished 'Old New York' of their youth, the exclusive and impenetrable New York to which Rubini and Jenny Lind had sung and Mr. Thackeray lectured, the New York which had declined to receive Charles Dickens, and which, out of revenge, he had so scandalously ridiculed."
Tess Avelland,  tess@midnight-muse.com

"Roman Fever" a Satire?

Would it be proper to call "Roman Fever" a satire? 
Barb Roosevelt

Twelve Poems and Verses

QUESTION: Is there any readily available source for Twelve Poems (1926) and Verses (1878)? 
robert louis, rlouis@saul.com

Edith Wharton and the Erotic

QUESTION: I'm writing an article on women and the erotic; I remember reading about a year ago that Edith Wharton had written some erotica and that it was being published. Anyone got a clue about where/when/how that erotica was published?

Thanks so much.Moira Muldoon, mmuldoon@covad.net

This would probably be a reference to her fragment "Beatrice Palmato."  The fragment is reprinted in Cynthia Griffin Wolff's A Feast of Words .
The Story of Mary MacLane

QUESTION: The book "The Story of Mary MacLane," by Mary MacLane, was a sensation in 1902. Supposedly MacLane's book was highly praised by Wharton. Can anyone verify this and direct me to the source? Thanks.
N. Casady, ncasady@yahoo.com

Title of The House of Mirth

QUESTION: While there is much discussion of "A Moment's Ornament" as a working title for _The House of Mirth_, I also recall, from a lecture several years ago, that "Costs" was another working title.  Yet, I have not seen any mention of this title in the biographies and criticism I have read.  Can anyone direct me to a source in order to confirm "Costs" as a working title?

Lori Harrison-Kahan, lbh15@columbia.edu

Public Transportation to The Mount?

I would like to visit the Edith Wharton's home in Lenox, MA. Please let me know how I get there by Public transportation from Boston, MA. I will appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Cordially, Penelope Morel

The Mount may have information about this, but if any readers of this page have used public transportation to get there, please send the information so that it can be posted here. 
Edith Wharton and Norah Lindsay 

I am researching the life and work of the English garden designer, Norah Lindsay. I have found in the Lindsay family letters reference to the fact that Edith Wharton was staying with Mrs. Lindsay while she was "engaged in finishing her sixteenth or seventeenth novel." What was her sixteenth and seventeenth novel, and what year might she has been working on or finishing that novel? Thank you.

Allyson Hayward, amhayward@attbi.com

NAME: Jana Dominke

QUESTION: I'm interested in Edith Wharton's biography. I know there have been written very informative books about her biography but I would be interested in finding her personal estate. 
Any help would be great because I need this information for my MA thesis.
Thanks in advance. 

Source for Quotation on "Overarching Views"

QUESTION: I have lost a copy of short paragraph by Edith Wharton on the subject of marriage.  It is her definition of what a good marriage requires: primary a shared view of irony. The phrase "overarching views" is part of one sentence. Unfortunately I never knew the title of the work from which this paragraph came and can't find it anywhere. I would be very, very grateful if someone recognized the quotation and could give it to me. Thank you in advance. Joan McDonell, jmcdonell@nyc.rr.com 

"Mountain" or "mountain" in Summer?
In her novel's Chp. 16, Wharton apparently does not capitalize the "m" in the phrase "the Mountain" that follows the reference to Charity's child in paragraph 5.  Was this intentional on Wharton's part or is this just an adopted typo that has made it into several editions of her book?

Does this appear in Wharton's original manuscripts of "Summer" and is there any explanation for it in Wharton's own hand should it be the case that it was deliberate on her part?

I would be very interested to learn as much about this as possible as it would seem to lessen the Mountain's importance to Charity in light of her expected child.

Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide me on this question.

Sincerely,  Elizabeth A. Smith eas@world.std.com