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Edith Wharton and Henry James: Carriage Ride?

Years ago I heard a college lecturer read a passage by Edith W, describing a carriage ride she took with Henry James.  They either got lost or just needed to ask directions to their destination. James addressed his questions--quoted by Edith--to a passing farmer. The questions were so convoluted and Jamesian that the farmer could make no sense of them even with several rephrasals by James.  Anyidea where I could find this anecdote?

Kerry Wood

This can be found in Wharton's autobiography, A Backward Glance, although I don't have a page reference right now.

--D. Campbell

Hudson River Bracketed

i am teacher in litterature. i am preparing a course on edith wharton 's books " hudson river bracketed" and " the gods arrive". i am looking for papers and comtemporary rewiews about these two books in order to make a bibliography, can you tell where i can find them on your website or anywhere else on the web?

thanks for your help
christel Manrique
litterature teacher 9/29/07



I work in the education department at the Ponce Art Museum. Right now we are involved in a project sponsored by the NEA, The Big Read.For this project the Museum chose The Age of Innocence. I would like to know if the Ferrigiani mentioned by Old Mrs. Migott ,who modelled her hands in Rome really existed. If so, can you tell me were to find information about him? I would be very grateful for your assistance in this matter.
Ana E.Bauza 9/29/07


Edith Wharton: A Portrait by Augustus M. Gerdes?

I am working with a collector who has what may be an early painting of Edith Wharton by Augustus M. Gerdes, a friend of Morton Fullerton. Mr. Gerdes was a painter who studied in Paris and would have had the financial background to be in the circle of artists, writers and other collectors. His lifelong passion was art and collecting. Descendants of his family have felt for years that there may have been more than a friendship between Mrs. Wharton and Mr. Gerdes. Do you or any of your members have any information on Augustus M. Gerdes and Edith Wharton? Thank you for your assistance in this matter and I have no problems with my name and email being posted.

John Coker 6/21/07

I am inquiring as to whether you may have contact info for John Coker below. I am a relative of Augustus Gerdes and would like to correspond with Mr. Coker.

My name is Peter Moller. My personal email is mpeter059@comcast.net. I have no objection to posting my name and/or email info.


Thank you,

Peter Moller

Copyright Holders

I am attempting to track down estates/copyright holders of several Wharton correspondents:

Ellery Sedgwick, Rutger Jewett, Sally Norton, and Robert Norton.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Noel Sloboda (njs16@psu.edu <mailto:njs16@psu.edu> )

French Ways and Their Meaning in London

I'm in London and trying to find a copy of 'French ways and their meaning'.
Do you have any idea where I can get it?

Many thanks, Jane 6/21/07


I am trying to get hold of a copy of "Copy" published in Scribner's 27, 6 (June 1900). Any advice for me?
Thank you,
Jane Barstow, prof of English
Univ. of Hartford

It is online at the University of Virginia; there's a link under "Works Online" here at the site.


Teddy Wharton's Grave

Where is Teddy Wharton buried? Thank you.Christopher Graham

christopher.graham@hbgusa.com 5/15/07

In response to Christopher Graham’s question about Teddy Wharton’s grave: Although his funeral service was at Grace Church in New York City, he is buried in the Cemetery at the Church on the Hill in Lenox, Massachusetts, in a plot between his mother and sister. Some years ago this plot was restored and the gravestones reset, largely due to the efforts of Scott Marshall of Edith Wharton Restoration.

Molly McFall



Does the Wyndcliffe house still exist? I can't find any info later then 2003.
Thank you. E.T. Drury 4/18/07

A recent comment on Edith Wharton in the News suggests that it does but that it is crumbling: http://edithwharton.blogspot.com/2006/10/about-wyndclyffe.html

I recently read on a website - I believe it was on the Hudson River Ruins webstie - that Wyndcliffe has been purchased by a family who is renovating it. (name withheld) 6/21/07

Leonard Baskin print of Wharton

I am curious about the Leonard Baskin print of Wharton that is reproduced as the frontispiece in the 1977 edition of Lewis' biography. I would like to hear from anyone who has information about the medium in which this image was created, or any other information about it. Thank you.

Betsy Beacom 3/31/07

Essay by Joanna Durczak Needed

I am trying to get hold of an essay entitled "America and Europe in Edith Wharton's Age of Innocence" by Joanna Durczak. It appears in a book edited by Jerzy Durczak and Joanna Durczak: "Polish American Literary Confrontations" and I am unable to find the book or the essay anywhere. I would be grateful for any ideas Thanks!

Karen 3/31/07


Sources on The Touchstone

I am struggling to help a student find resources on Wharton's The Touchstone, particularly in the areas of biographical influences. Any ideas on where to start?

M. Gordon, 3/31/07


I would start with Henry James's "The Aspern Papers" and consider the 'rights' the reading public have over celebrity authors' work, however personal.

Sarah Whitehead

1981 video of Summer

I am looking for a copy of the 1981 Great Performances video of Summer starring Diane Lane. Can anyone help me find this?

susanne Rubenstein 3/31/07

This is addressed on the Frequently Asked Questions page and on the Queries 2006 page. The early 1980s Great Performances of Wharton's works aren't available.
Wharton and Somerset Maugham

R.W.B. Lewis's biography (p. 521) notes that Edith Wharton "had a particular fondness" for the Somerset Maugham short story "Rain" [sic; its actual title is "Miss Thompson"]. This statement is not footnoted, and I am trying to determine its source. Did R.W.B. Lewis locate it in her letters? If so, which one, and where is the letter archived today?

Any assistance appreciated. Thanks.

Adam Dawson, dawson71@sbcglobal.net


Wharton and the Pulitzer

What was Edith Wharton's reaction to being named for the Pulitzer Prize, and why? Mary C Sears


Descriptions of New York

I am currently trying to find a passage in Wharton's work particularly dealing with the description of New York city , or areas in NYC.
Have you got any passage in mind you could recommend ?
thank you very much in advance .christine Minetto CM christine.minetto at wanadoo.fr


French Ways

Anybody knows where I may obtain a copy of "French Ways and their meanings?"



You might want to try alibris.com, abebooks.com, and eBay; also, try Powells.com.

Please send comments and suggestions to D. Campbell.