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Christopher Gair on The House of Mirth Tension in Ethan Frome?

Translation of The Age of Innocence?
Epitaph on Wharton's Grave? (X)
Plot Summary for "The Other Two"

Edith Wharton's Women
Edith Wharton's Society

Theme in "Roman Fever"

What is the theme in Roman Fever?

Some of the selected critical excerpts on the story can probably help you with this.
Christopher Gair on The House of Mirth
I am writing a paper on The House of Mirth. In one of the articles I read, C. Gair quotes Ralph Marvell of The Custom of the Country re: the only way to remain pure is to perish. This statement is not in quotation marks, so I assume it is a paraphrase. Can someone tell me what the full quote is or where I can find it in the book?
Jennifer Wilson 11/29/03

"Valley of Childish Things"

I'm an Italian student preparing my final essay on Edith Wharton short story "The valley of the childish things". I have not been able to find references and critics on this novel in Italy. Particulary I'm interested in how the short story can be considered the preparing ground for Wharton's "The age of Innocence".
Thank You. Tiziana Tallone,

QUESTION: How can you find out information on her for like a research for School???????? The FAQ page has information on finding resources about Wharton both online and in the library.
Plot Summary for "The Other Two"

QUESTION: I am doing an assignment on "The Other Two",and tryin to discuss the plot summary but am having trouble understanding what it is fully. Could someone please give me some insight.


lisa baker,



Epitaph on Wharton's Grave

Can you please tell me what the epitaph on Edith Wharton's gravestone is?

The reason why I am asking" I am writting a paper for graduate school on the use of gravestones as symbolism in literature to represent illness.Kathleen Lyons


You can find the answer to this on the Queries 1999 page.

Here's the question and answer from that page: Q. What does the inscription on Edith Wharton's gravestone mean? In Latin it is, I believe "Ave Crux Spes Unica" -- how does this translate in English? 

A. Shari Benstock's biography of Wharton, No Gifts from Chance, answers this question in describing Wharton's grave: "Inscribed on an embossed cross was the Latin phrase she had chosen for her epitaph: O Crux Ave Spes Unica--O Hail Cross, Our Only Hope" (459).

The site at Find-a-Grave does not have a picture of the gravestone, but it does have information about the cemetery.

If you try the Search feature at the Wharton Society site, you can often find an answer to your questions if they've been asked before.

Translations of The Age of Innocence

I am looking for all the existing translations in French from "The Age of Innocence" (le temps de l'innocence) Thanks.



Wharton's Essay on Flaubert

I would like to know the bibliography of the essay Edith Wharton wrote about Gustave Flaubert. Thank you.



Answers to Questions on Custom of the Country

Hi, I'm studing in Barcelona, Spain. I read this book, the custom of the country by Edith Warton. I have seen very good your questions...Could you send me, the answers, please? I would like to meet your professional answer.

1. Should we, as readers, condemn the behavior of Undine? Or has Wharton created a character with whom, as a product of American society, we must sympathize?

2. The death of Ralph, a character who embraced poetry and aestheticism, symbolizes the death of arts and culture in American society. Is this a valid claim?

3. Examine Ralph and Undine in terms of gender. How has Wharton switched the traditional roles with these two characters? Thanks a lot Adrià Alert Umbert Màrqueting i comunicació

These sound like discussion questions from your teacher, and there wouldn't be one single answer for them. They're designed to get you thinking about the book.
Tension in Ethan Frome?

QUESTION: Has anyone done any research on the tension of Ethan Frome?  I am doing my thesis on that, and I have my own theories about it; however, I'm afraid that what I'm saying might have been said before by someone.  I have searched through the MLA index and can't find anything.  I was just wondering if anyone knew something, some research that I haven't come across yet. Jeanna Poth--student at University of Houston--Clear Lake,

Help with paper

QUESTION: i have a summary and analysis paper due on Thursday(Jan 9th,2003)about Edith Wharton and i need help finding critical essays on "Roman Fever" and "The Other Two". HELP!!!! nicole

If you check the information on the FAQ pageand use the Search feature, you will find bibliographic information on these two stories. As noted in the FAQ, responses are posted by Wharton-l members when they have the time and inclination to do so; we can't promise you will have a response by a specific date.

Women in Wharton's Novels

I'm doing a paper on how the role of women in Wharton's novels mirrors the society she was raised in. Who are some critics you would suggest I look towards to find information regarding women in Wharton's novels? Also, how would you describe these women? Jessica,

Edith Wharton's Society

Why did Edith Wharton desire to satirize the society in which she grew up? How did her society affect her as a person and as a writer? Why did she become a writer?

Brittany Baumann