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Sertoli Cell Function


For the past 15 years my research has been directed towards the understanding of mammalian spermatogenesis. We have concentrated our efforts on the delineation of the influence of the Sertoli cells on the process of germinal cell differentiation and maturation. Much of our interest has focused on the glycoproteins which are secreted by Sertoli cells and interact with a variety of germinal cells. We utilize a variety of molecular approaches in attempts to characterize the Sertoli-germ cell interaction at the molecular level. In addition, we are characterizing gene products and regulatory mechanisms that are unique to the somatic cells. For example, we identified transferrin as a Sertoli cell secretion product and described a process whereby Sertoli cells deliver iron from the testicular lymph to the spermatocytes and round spermatids. Similar types of studies on other Sertoli cell products are currently under way.

Dan Johnston, a Postdoc from Dr. Griswold's laboratory, is dissecting seminiferous tubules for germ cell isolation.



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