WSU Creamery

Cougar Cheese Flavors


Cheeses are available to ship in 30 oz cans.
Standard flavors are $20.00 per can.
Seasonal/Limited flavors may cost more.

WSU Creamery's Award winning Cougar Gold Cheese!Cougar Gold®

Our most famous & popular cheese! Winner of several national and international awards. A rich, white cheddar with a smooth, firm texture. This unique cheddar has a depth and intensity that most people have never before experienced. Its creamy, lingering flavor will leave you wanting for more! Our current stock of Cougar Gold is just over one year in age. Buy 2 and store one for aging, as it becomes more sharp and crumbly with age, developing crystals throughout, which can give it kind of a crunch. Comes in our famous 30 oz can.

WSU Creamery's American CheddarNatural Cheddar

Our traditional American-Style orange cheddar cheese aged for at least one year to develop its bold, sharp flavor and crumbly texture. Never bland, this full-bodied cheese is aged to perfection, the way cheddars were meant to be! (Formerly known as "American Cheddar")

WSU Creamery's SMokoy CheddarSmoky Cheddar

Natural smoke flavoring is added to our Natural Cheddar and aged for at least 12 months to cultivate this award-winning, sharp cheese. A creamy, firm cheese with a distinct, lasting hickory taste.

WSU Creamery's Viking CheeseViking

A gourmet, creamy-white, semi-soft cheese similar to Monterey Jack. With a delicate taste, this soothing sensation melts in your mouth. Its characteristic tiny cracks and high moisture makes it perfect for any dish.

WSU Creamery's Dill Garlic CheeseDill Garlic

Dill weed, dill seed, and mild garlic are added to our Viking cheese for an optimal balance of flavor and appearance. Flecks of green and brown provide bursts of flavor in every bite!

WSU Creamery's Sweet Basil CheeseSweet Basil

Our Viking cheese takes a trip to an Italian garden! Fresh and aromatic, with subtle herb notes.


WSU Creamery's Hot Pepper CheeseHot Pepper

Just the right amount of diced jalapeño peppers are added to our Viking cheese to create a soft, creamy, mild impression. A good jalapeño flavor, without the overwhelming heat. Great in omelets!

WSU Creamery's Crimson Fire CheeseCrimson Fire!

An award-winning cheese created on demand for our Hot Pepper lovers who wanted more "kick" in their cheese. We've added jalapeño and cayenne peppers to our reduced-fat Viking cheese. Deliciously spicy with red, orange and green marbling, and 1/3 less fat. Our newest cheese, it has quickly become one of our top sellers!

Seasonal/Limited Flavors

WSU Creamery's Cracked Pepper and Chive CheeseCracked Pepper & Chive

We've added cracked black peppercorns and chives to our Viking cheese. Only a limited number of cans are available and this flavor is only available for a short time beginning in September each year.

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