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Cougar Cheese Empty Can Ideas


Cougar Cheese Empty Can Ideas.

Everyone knows that eating the Cougar Cheese is the best part, but don’t be depressed after your tin of Cougar Cheese is eaten! Use one of these creative ideas to convert the cheese can into something useful and lovely.


Bird House

A 12 year old cheese lover has the right idea about what to do with empty Cougar Cheese cans. Not only does she explain how to make a festive bird house, but it is also a design that keeps sneaky cats away.


Feeling tropical? Make your home exotic with the Cheese Tin Bonsai. Guests will surely be impressed.

Bottle Holder

Are you a fast cheese eater but a slow wine drinker? If so, make this Cheese Tin Bottle Holder to store unfinished bottles of wine in style.


Make it a night to remember with these romantic Cougar Candles. Light them at the dinner table while you and your loved ones indulge in a dish made with Cougar Cheese. It will be an evening that will be remembered for years to come.

Candy Dish

What’s better than Cougar Cheese? Hmmm…that’s a tough one, but everyone knows it's candy! Make your cheese tin into a handy candy dish that will impress everyone at basketball games, baby showers, and birthday parties and of course the Apple Cup!


Played like a dulcimer, the Cougar Can-jo is music to the ears.

Cans for Kids

A kid loves cheese; but is it possible that they might like the cans it comes in even more? Probably not, but it is a close contest. The things they can create with the tins are endless, but here are a few ideas to get them started.

Care Package

Everyone feels down once in awhile, but the best way to cheer up your friends is with a Cougar Care Package. Fill it up with cookies, candy or stickers and brighten even the saddest face into a smile.

Cement Mold

Add flair to your yard by using this unique Cougar Cement Mold. A handy summer project that will keep your hands busy but still allow your mind to dream about eating cheese.

“Cheese Cake”

Do you have a special event coming up? Make a Cougar “Cheese Cake” that will surely impress all of your friends and family. It makes for a tasty treat as well!

Cheese Curls

Challenge your neighbors to a curling game. Make the winning team’s prize a can of Viking Cheese. A fun event for all ages that will be sure to make everyone grin.

Critter Feeder

Are you a bird and Cougar Cheese lover? After you eat the cheese, pass the can on to the birds with this clever design that prevents squirrels from entering and eating the delicious birdseed inside.

Decorative Flower Pots

Let your artistic side go wild with this fun summer project! You will end up with a unique addition to any garden, yard or home.

Dog Dish

Whoever said it is a dog’s world was right! Make your dog eat in style with a Cougar Cheese Dog Dish. It also works for cats, rabbits and of course, those cheese loving mice!

Drum Kit

Have fun being musical when you and your kids make your own Cougar Drums! Have the kids make up cheese songs as they beat away on their own personalized instruments. It will let their imaginations grow, as they are entertained.

Flower Vase

You will never have to buy a flower vase again if you use this fantastic idea. Put flowers in it that match the blue, yellow and red stripes and create a plant masterpiece!

For the Birds

Not only will the birds be chirping happily with cougar pride as they eat from their personalized Washington State University Cougar Cheese tin the garden, you will also get to watch them mock the squirrels that will try to steal their food but can’t!


If gardening is your hobby, this idea will really float your boat. Start your seedlings off in style by growing them in a Cougar Cheese tin. All of the other plants will surely be jealous.


Scare off unwanted animals with this extraordinary scarecrow that will be fun to create as well as to look at. Unless you are a bird that is.

Tambourine Tin

Make these Tambourine Tins and gather up your friends for a festive parade around the block. People will be sure to applaud.

Tasty Morsel Tray

The famous Cougar Cheese Cans are recognized around the world by their carefree colorful stripes. Seagulls are even able to remember the decorative cans when you make them into their own private tasty morsel trays. What an idea!

Tiddley Winks

Watch as your children’s crafty side emerges as they learn how to make and play the classic game of Tiddley Winks. It will keep them happy and entertained for hours.


Cheese tastes so much better if music is being played near by. Serenade your family or animals with your very own Cougar Cheese Can musical instrument. If you save enough cans you may be able to start a band!

Tin Trivet

If you enjoy wine with your cheese, save the corks and make this fun and unusual Cougar Tin Trivet. It will keep your hands busy as well as your mind.


Are you going camping anytime soon? If so, these Cougar Cheese Tin Toasters will be very handy on those hot summer mornings when all you are craving is some toast…and Cougar Gold of course!

Versatile CANtainer

Numerous ideas that will leave your imagination thinking of more creative ways to use these cheese tins. The possibilities are endless.

WSU Empty Can Message

Forget sending messages in empty bottles. Make mail fun with Cougar Cheese Tins. Lets face it; getting mail is more fun when it comes in a can.


Purchasing cheese from the WSU Creamery helps support student employees of Washington State University by providing competitive wages and valuable work experiences. A portion of the revenue from the sale of WSU Creamery products is used for educational support of Food Science students.

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