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Over a dozen recipes use Cougar Cheeses!

A New Cookbook by Executive Chef Jamie Callison
Brings Bounty of Palouse to the Table

Chef Jamie, Crimson Spoon Cover, Stuffed Tomato Salad

The College of Business and Executive Chef Jamie Callison of the School of Hospitality Business Management are proud to announce Jamie’s new cookbook,
The Crimson Spoon: Plating Regional Cuisine on the Palouse.”

The 200-page, photo-illustrated cookbook features many of Callison’ s highly-acclaimed gourmet dishes and recipes that have long been favored among guests attending WSU’s world-class events. Recipes range from extravagant to simple and draw from each area of WSU’s food resources, such as the Organic Farm and Creamery, as well as from the Pacific Northwest.

"Ingredients should be your biggest inspiration. Start with great ingredients, apply simple techniques, and magic happens."

Whether a detailed dinner entrée of almond crusted halibut with garbanzo bean puree and heirloom tomatoes, or something as simple as Cougar Gold macaroni and cheese, the ingredients are accessible and the recipes easy to follow. All provide insight into the excellence of the WSU School of Hospitality Business Management.

Finished Poached Pears

Proceeds from the book will help with maintaining and replacing equipment and furnishings in the J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation Hospitality Teaching Center.



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