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Aged Gold Notification Request

Once again this fall, the WSU Creamery will have available Cougar Gold® cheese that has been aged for at least 3 years. Usually, Cougar Gold® is aged one year. The cost of this aged cheese is currently $28.00 (subject to change). What can you expect from the extra aging?

  • The extra aged cheese is sharper and more flavorful. One of the unique qualities of Cougar Gold® is, unlike other cheddars, Cougar Gold® does not develop a bitter taste, even when aged for several years.
  • There may be some moisture in the can. As the cheese ages, it goes through a process called syneresis, which is the separation of liquid from a gel/solid caused by contraction. With age, the moisture in the cheese comes out and may result in texture changes.
  • The extra aged cheese is generally more crumbly.
  • Crystals may be more prevalent throughout the extra aged cheese. These are the amino acid tyrosine.

These are expected and preferred aspects of quality, aged cheese.

This may be the last time for several years we have this cheese available as we have been unable to hold any in reserve to allow to age.

If you would like to be contacted when this cheese becomes available, please complete the form below.

Please fill out the following request for notification when Aged Cougar Gold becomes available.

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