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Have you ever wondered how your support of the WSU Creamery supports the university and the state of Washington?



The WSU Creamery is a self-funded entity of WSU and the State of Washington. In other words, we receive no state funding through tax payer dollars. We generate our own revenue. This revenue is used to cover operational expenses such as equipment, raw materials, packaging supplies, university administrative fees, student wages, staff salaries and benefits.

Capital Improvements

As we receive no state funding, when we upgrade or expand new equipment and facilities, the expense for these projects is paid for solely by the revenue we have generated.

Student Wages and Experience

In 2009 alone, the WSU Creamery paid over $394,000 in wages to more than 80 student employees. Your support of students at Washington State University provides for competitive wages and exceptional work experiences. After graduation, many of our employees have used their experiences at the WSU Creamery to become leaders in a wide variety of fields.


A portion of the revenue from the sale of WSU Creamery products is used for educational support of Food Science students. In 2008, the WSU Creamery created the WSU Creamery Development Fund to provide financial assistance to Food Science students.

Faculty, Staff and Research

The WSU Creamery employs 12 staff members in its three departments (Production, Retail and Direct Marketing). In the School of Food Science, the WSU Creamery also funds two Research Assistantships, a faculty position and a portion of wages and benefits for three administrative personnel positions.

WSU Creamery Development Fund recipient Karin Thorsen and WSU Mascot Buth T. Cougar at Ferdinand's Ice Cream Shoppe's 60th Anniversity in September 2008.

"The creamery’s charity has helped me pay for my valuable education here at WSU." "Working at the creamery has given me an understanding about all the hard work that goes into making the high quality cheese and ice cream."
WSU Creamery Development Fund Scholarship recipient Kärin Thorsen

Fund recipient Mikaela Easter enjoying some ice cream at Ferdinand's Ice Cream Shoppe.

"This scholarship will relieve some of the burdens and stress of my financial needs...With assistance from the WSU Creamery Scholarship, it will be able to help broaden my horizons."
WSU Creamery Development Fund Scholarship recipient Mikaela Easter.

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