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The Crimson Spoon

The Crimson Spoon

Plating Regional Cuisine on the Palouse.

A New Cookbook Brings Bounty of Palouse to the Table.

More than a dozen recipes use Cougar Cheese!

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Cougar Gold® Reserve

Usually, Cougar Gold® is aged for just over one year. Our
Cougar Gold
® Reserve is aged for at least 3-Years. The cost of this specialty aged cheese is $28.00. What can you expect from the extra aging?

  • A richer, more developed flavor and sharpness. One of the unique qualities of Cougar Gold® is, unlike other cheddars, Cougar Gold® does not develop a bitter taste, even when aged for several years.
  • There may be some moisture in the can. As the cheese ages, it goes through a process called syneresis, which is the separation of liquid from a gel/solid caused by contraction. With age, the moisture in the cheese comes out and may result in texture changes and is often very crumbly as opposed to sliceable.
  • Crystallization should develop throughout the extra aged cheese giving it a "crunch" when you bite into it. These are the amino acid tyrosine.

These are expected and preferred aspects of quality, aged cheese.

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O Palouse! DVDO Palouse!

A tale of the Palouse region of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.

"O Palouse!" is a tale of the Palouse region of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho, told by those whose roots run deepest, whose ancestors found in the Palouse a fertile land, well suited for their crops, their livestock, and their families. Farmers and city builders, entrepreneurs and educators. More than a documentary, this moving combination of images and insights, revelations and reminiscences, will be treasured by everyone who sees it. 75 minutes.

$14.95 (Was $30.00)
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Cougar Cheese Cans make a great gift.

Cougar Cheese Can Banks

Get a Cougar Cheese Can Bank now! Makes a great gift or save up your change to buy your next can of Cougar Cheese.

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