Glut, Donald F. The Frankenstein Catalogue. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co., Inc., 1984. Subtitled accurately: "Being a Comprehensive Listing of Novels, Translations, Adaptations, Stories, Critical Works, Popular Articles, Series, Fumetti, Verse, Stage Plays, Films Cartoons, Puppetry, Radio & Television Programs, Comics, Satire & Humor, Spoken & Musical Recordings, Tapes, and Sheet Music Featuring Frankenstein's Monster and/or Descended from Mary Shelley's Novel." This is an astounding source for everything up to the early '80s.

    "The Myth and Mystery of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley."
    Some girls in Abby Murray's class recommend this Shelley biography.

    Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein. 1816. London: Oxford University Press, 1971.

    Popular Culture

    See Glut above.

    And consider Frankenberry Cereal.

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