A variety of Theory of Constraints classes complement and integrate with other courses to provide an exceptional masters program for technical professionals.

The Engineering and Technology Management Program (ETM) at WSU offers all classes through Distance Education courses. Students can take classes either 'one course at a time' as they desire, seek a graduate certificate (12 credits) or apply for the full master's degree. For 28 years, we have used two-way television, microwave relay, fiber optic cable, satellite television and now Internet Conferencing with Live, Interactive Video Lectures. We have had students enrolled from the Philippines, Cyprus, Equator, Australia, Italy , Korea, Colombia, Mexico, Estonia, Canada, Turkey, England, Germany, Austria and India, as well as over 20 States. With over 500 graduates and a typical enrollment of about 150 students at one time, WSU is a top ranking Engineering and Technology Management Program in the United States; a program that is offered worldwide.

TOC Courses (all courses are three-credit classes taught through interactive video streaming over the Internet during the late afternoon or early evening Pacific Time Zone, one  two-hour lecture a week for 15 weeks:

EM 526 Constraints Management. This course teaches the TOC Thinking Processes slowly and offers the student the time to synthesis the TP material along with other interrelated TOC Topics. Students complete a Thinking Process Project related to their work environment as well as participate in two group projects. As part of the learning, students scrutinize other student's work and have their own work scrutinized. This is the favorite elective of the ETM Masters Program. Students can receive the TOCICO Certificate of Recognition for a TOC TP program. It is also an excellent preparation for the TOCICO Thinking Process exam. (Note: The next offering in January 2016. If you want to attend, begin admission and registration by October 2015.)

EM 530 Applications of Constraints Management. This course focuses on TOC physical flow processes: DBR, CCPM, TOC Replenishment and a bit of Throughput Accounting and Throughput Operating Strategy. Students work on a wide variety of problems, including the production and project simulators along with the TOC Insights to develop TOC skills as applied to complex environments. This is an excellent preparation course for the TOCICO Supply Chain Logistics and Project Management exams. (Next offering August 2015, begin admission and registration by June 2015.)

EM 534 Contemporary Topics in Constraints Management. This course covers whatever is new and exciting about TOC at the time and includes frequent guest lectures from the TOC community. Students often repeat this class in order to stay current. Each student completes a new Thinking Process Project, a Critical Chain Project and a Replenishment Study in addition to the major topic of the semester. This offering focues on the TOC Strategy and Tactic Trees for Implementation and the Organizational Strategy and Tactic Tree. Students will create their own Strategy and Tactic Tree (a Transition S&T, an Organizational S&T or a Content S&T). Prerequisites: EM 526 and EM 530 or equal experience. (Next offering August 2015, begin admission and registration by June 2015.)

EM 538 Lean Agility. This course blends together the best of Lean, Quality and TOC. The course is team taught by tow faculty members who bring their specialty insights and understanding.  The combination integrates and magnifies the capabilities of the individual topics. These three management technologies work best when applied together. (Next offering May 2015.)

Other Courses with limited TOC Content:

EM 501 Management of Organizations (Organizational Behavior) -Evaporating Clouds and NBRs.

EM 505 Financial Management for Engineers - Intro to Throughput Accounting.

EM 540 Operations Research for Managers - Use of Five Focusing Steps and introduction to some TOC solutions.

EM 555 Enterprise Resource Planning -Includes the Management Interactive Case Study Simulator (MICSS)

EM 564 Project Management - Includes some CCPM along with other PM tools

Key Links:
Engineering Management Home Page:
Constraints Management Certificate Information: http://etm.wsu.edu/certificates.html
Washington State University Admissions: http://etm.wsu.edu/admissions.html
Washington State University Registration: http://etm.wsu.edu/registration.html

Key Contacts:

Constraints Management Faculty Lead: Dr Russ Johnson, Russ.Johnson@wsu.edu, +1 (970) 581-0075.
Engineering & Technology Management Program Coordinator, EngrMgt@wsu.edu, +1 (509) 335-0125.

Key Facts:

Format: Courses taught use streaming video with course materials available on a secure Internet Educational Website. A broadband, high-speed connection is needed. Each live streaming video class is also archived for delayed viewing or re-viewing at a later date during the semester. Students are expected to have a echo cancelling speaker/microphone and a webcam.

Admission/Registration Process: Taking classes requires two steps: 1. Apply for Admission, 2. Register for Classes. The Admission process takes about two months for US citizens and longer for students with international transcripts. Start Early! If you are overseas, plan on taking three months (and some times longer). Once admitted, then you can register for individual classes as you choose.

Admission: To start admission, go to http://etm.wsu.edu/admissions.html, and send $50 with your initial application.

Registration: Once your Application for Admission is approved, you can Register and Enroll on-line at: http://etm.wsu.edu/registration.html.

If you have any questions or problems, contact the Program Secretary at the contact information above. She can hold your hand through the process.

The ETM Program is graduate study. Applicants should have completed an undergraduate degree (if the undergraduate Grade Point Average is below 3.0, applicants may be admitted on probation until their skills can be verified). However, EM 526 and EM 530 also have an undergraduate equivalent, 426 and 430 respectfully, which meets at the same time only with slightly less demanding requirements. Undergraduate Admission and Registration is still necessary.

Costs: Out-of-state and corporate account students pay about $4,000-$5,000 per three-credit course (see http://etm.wsu.edu/tuition.html) . There are reduced rates available for students currently enrolled in classes at other schools, government employees and applicants in developing countries.