French/English 18th Century Part 2 Slides

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Adelaide Labille Guiard, "Self-Portrait", Pastel Prir. Coll., France-18th C.

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Adeliade Labille Guiard, "Andre Vincent", 1795, France-18th C.

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Adelaide Labille Guiard, "Pajou Sculpton the Bust of M.Lemoine", France-18th C.

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Adelaide Labille Guiard, "Portrait of Artists with Pupils", France-18th C.

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Adelaide Labille Guiard, "Louise Eliz. de France", 1788, France-18th C.

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Adelaide Labille Guiard, "Portrait of Madame Adelaide", France-18th C.

t18th241.jpg (13573 bytes)

Louise Moillon, "Stillife with Cherries Straw Goose", 1630, France-17th C.

t18th281.jpg (20786 bytes)

Anne Vallayer Coster, "Flower & Fruit", Geneva, French-18th C.

t18th252.jpg (12492 bytes)

Anne Vallayer Coster, The White Soup Bowl, 1771, oil on canvas.

t18th282.jpg (12340 bytes)

Anne Vallayer Coster, "Stillife with Game", French-18th C.

t18th265.jpg (16872 bytes)

Francoise Dupare, "The Milk Maid", French-18th C.

t18th266.jpg (16254 bytes)

Francoise Dupare, "The Old Woman", Marseilles, French-18th C.

t18th267.jpg (19056 bytes)

Francoise Dupare, "The Man with Sack", Marscilles, French-18th C.

t18th263.jpg (17078 bytes)

Rosalba Carnera(Italian), Alleg. of Ptg, Pastel.

t18th262.jpg (15140 bytes)

Rosalba Carnera(Italian), Amalia Guiseppa Flor. Uffszi(??)

t18th261.jpg (15372 bytes)

Rosalba Carnera(Italian), Self-Portrait, Venice.


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