19th Century Part 8 to Part 10 Slides

Part 8

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Woman's Pavilion, Philadelphia Centennial Exposition, 1876.

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Mrs. E.D. Gillespie, Pres. of the Women's Centennial Executive Commitiee.

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Woman's Building, World's Columbina Exposition at Chicago, 1893.

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Photo of Mrs. Potter Plamer, Chicago, 1894.

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Sculptural Studio in Horticulture Building, Photo24, 1892.

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Interior View of Woman's Building, Background: Cassett, Photo Mural, 1893.

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National Mus. for Women in the arts, Wash., D.C. 1980's.





Part 9
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Berthe Morisot(Fr), The Cradle, 1872, oil on canvas.

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Berthe Morisot(Fr), The Artist's Sister sitting on Grass, 1873.

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Berthe Morisot(Fr), The Butterfly Hunt, 1874, oil on canvas.

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Berthe Morisot(Fr), Eveone Manet & his daughter in the Garden, oil on canvas, 1883.

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Berthe Morisot(Fr), Self-Portrait, 1885

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Berthe Morisot(Fr), Julie playing the Violin, 1894, oil on canvas.

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Berthe Morisot(Fr), Julie Daydreaming, oil on canvas, 1894.



Part 10
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Mary Cassatt, The loge, 1882, oil on canvas.

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Mary Cassatt, Girl Arranging Her Hair, 1886, oil.

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Mary Cassatt, Little Girl in a blue armchair.

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Mary Cassatt, Mother and Child, oil on canvas, 1890.

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Mary Cassatt, The Letter Colourprint in drypoint, soft-ground and aquatint, 1891.

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Mary Cassatt, The Toilette, Colourprint in drypoint and aquatint, 1891.

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Mary Cassatt, The Bath, 1891.

Mary Cassatt, The Boating Party.

Mary Cassatt, Mother & Children, pastel.



Part 11 (added on 2/07/2003)

Cecelia Beaux, Mother & Daughter, o/c, 1898.

Cecelia Beaux, Portrait of Bertha Vaughon, o/c, 19thCen.

Cecelia Beaux, New England Woman, o/c, 1895.

Cecelia Beaux, Sita & Sarita, o/c, 1921.

Cecelia Beaux, The Dancing Lesson, (Dorathea & Francesca), 19thCen.

Cecelia Beaux, Man with a Cat, 1898, o/c.


Part 12 (added on 2/07/2003)

Lila Cabot Perry, Self-Portrait, o/c, 1891.

Lila Cabot Perry, Mt. Fujiyama (Japan), 19-20c.

Lila Cabot Perry, The Trio, Tokyo Japan, o/c, 1898-1901.

Lila Cabot Perry, In a Japnese Garden, o/c, 1898-1901.

Lila Cabot Perry, The Yellow Screen, o/c, 19-20thCen.

Lila Cabot Perry, Lady in an Evening Dress, o/c, 19-20thCen.




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