The Book of Hours Slides

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St. Mathew, the Evangelist, hrs of Bona Sforza milan, about 1490.

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The flight into Egypt, about 1470.

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Christ washing the feet of the disciples, Hastings Hrs., Bruges or Ghent, 1483 (only one by woman, St. Bridget of Sweden)

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Death, of the Grim Reaper, Miradola Hrs., Padunor Venice, before 1499.

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The Holy Family, Spain, 15th C.

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Spinnning Carding Weaving, French 15thC.

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Artist Designing Fresco, French 15thC.

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Woman Entertainer, French, 1500-1525.

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Tailor Cutting Out a pattern, French, 15th C.

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Defending Castle with Bow & Crossbow, English 1326-7.

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Playing a Harp, French, 15thCentury.

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Writer, French, 15thC.

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Sculpter, French, 15thC.

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Miner, French, 15thC.

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Collecting Coloons & Breeding Silkworms, French, 15thC.

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Surgeon Performing Caesarean Section, French, C1375.

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Masons, Constructing the City Wall, French, 15th Century.

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WmArt Historical, French Miniaturist of the Early 15thC, C1403, "Marcia Paints a Self-Portrait", From Des cleres et nobles.

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Teaching, French, 15thC.

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Transporting Salt, French, C1501.

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Woman At Forge, French, 14thC.

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Wearing Tapestry, Dutch, 1475.

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Apothecary Preparing Medicine in Pharmacy, Italian, C1385.


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