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Prudence Punderson, "The 1st, 2nd, last Scene of Mortality", 12"x16", 1775, silk stitchery painting, 18th Cen.

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Anonymous, "Woman With Sheep", 20"x18", Needle Picture, late 18 Cen.

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Anonymous, "Scene in a Garden", Needle Picture, after 1815.

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Esther Coggeshall-R.I., "Sampler" (1764-d. young)-11yrs. old, 1774.

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Cynthia Burr, "Sampler", 1786, 16"x14", R.I., 18th Cen.

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Nabby Martin, "Sampler", 1786, silk on canvas, 18th Cen.

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Mary Foot, "Bed Rug", wool, 1778, 82"x77", 18th Cen.

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Anonymous, "Coverlat, Crewel Embroidery", (1815-1825), 100"x84", 19th Cen. N.E.

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Henrietta Johnston, "Colonel Sam Prioleau", 1715, pastel/paper, 12"x19".

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Patience Lovell Wright, "William Pitt, Earl of Chatham", wax effigy, 1779.

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Hetty Benbridge, 18th Cen., "John Poage", 1775 miniature painting, watercolor on ivory.

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Collata Holcomb, 19th Cen., "Stillife Fluted Bowl" 1820

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Emma Cady, "Fruit in Glass Compote", watercolor with mica, 1820-Theorem-Stencil painting.

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Harriet Moore, "Richardson Memorial", 1817, 18"x23".

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Hannah Clapp, "Clapp Memorial", 1809, 27"x20" Conn.

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Anna Maria Holmes, "Memorial for George H. Hills", ink-stencil-sponged watercolor, 17"x22", 1829.

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Eunice Griswold Pinney, "Lolette and Werther", 152_?, 1810.

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Eunice Griswold Pinney, "Farm Scene With Two Fashionable Ladies", watercolor, 12"x15", (back of letter to daughter), 19th Cen..

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Eunice Griswold Pinney, "Two Women", atercolor, Conn., 112"x14", 1815.

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Mary Ann Willson, "The Prodigal Son in Misery", watercolor, 10"x12", 1810-25, National Gallery, Washington, D.C..

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Mary Ann Willson, "The Prodigal Son Reclaimed", 1820, ink/watercolor.

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Mary Ann Willson, "Three Angels Heads", watercolor, watercolor, 1810-25, Boston.

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Ruth Hensah Miles Bascom ("Aunt Ruth"), "Woman in Lace Cap & Collar", pastel/pencil, 19"x14".

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Deborah Goldsmith, "Sarah Stanton Mason Throop", watercolor, 1830's.

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Deborah Goldsmith, "Miss Catherine N.", watercolor, 5"x6", 1829.

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Deborah Goldsmith, "The Talcott Family", 18"x21", 1823.

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Maryann Smith, "The Tow Sisters", watercolor, 1854, Penn., 12"x14", National Gallery. D.C..

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Hanna Cohoon, (Spirit Drawing) "A Little Basket of Beautiful Apples", 1856 Shaker, 8"x10".

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Anna Mary Robertson Moses,(Grandma Moses), "Mcdonel Farm", 1943.

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Anna Mary Robertson Moses,(Grandma Moses), "Coming home from Thanksgiving".

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