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Celementine Hunter, "Sunday Church", (Black-Native Artist).

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Clementine Hunter, "The Funeral", (Black-Primitive painting)

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Ruth Downer, 19 Cen, "New England Goddness", watercolor on silk.

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Mary Ann Willson, "Mermaid", 19 th Century.

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Eunice Pinney, "Cupid's Arrow", 1810.

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Eunice Pinney, "The Courtship", 1815.

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Nancy Dunham, "Mourning Piece", needlework paint, (1792-1860), 1840.

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Anonymous, "The watercolor class"

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Elizabeth Glaser, "Lady in a Yellow Dress Watering Roses", watercolor 1830.

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Birth Certificate

(if you have the name of this, please e-mail me!)

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Sara Perkins, "Lucy Perkins", Primitive Native Folk Art, 1790.

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Grandma Moses, "20th Century Hoosick River, Winter", painting 1952.

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Grandma Tressa Pris-brey, "Bottle Village", 1955-1967.

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Sister Gertrude Morgan, "Jesus is my airplane".

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Seraphine de Senlis (French), "Garden of Eden", 1864-1942.

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Grandma Moses, "December".

Hannah Riddler, Applique Quilt, 1879

Louisa Williams, "Bursting Cubes", Pieced & Applique Quilt, 1862

Ann Daggs, Applique Quilt, NYC, 1818

Mrs. Cecil White, "Scenes from Life in 1930", Appligue Quilt

Harriet Powers, "Bible Quilt", Cotton Applique , Boston, 1900

Anonymous, "Album Quilt", Padded Applique, Balt., Phila., C.1860

Anonymous, "Baby Blocks Quilt", Pieced Quilt, 18th Cen.

Amish, Pieced Quilt, 1875, polished cotton

Amish, "Double-Nine-Patch", Quilt, 1800's, (feather-plumes-pumpkin seed border)

"Bird of Paradise brides coverlet", applique, 1858-63, (cotton, silk, wool, velvet on cotton muslin)

Anonymous, "Double-Wedding-Ring", scallop-edged-Quilt, 19thCen.

Anonymous, "Mariner's Compass", Quilt(math. precision geometric design), New Eng., c. 1895

Anonymous, "Iowa Star", patchwork(star-pattern variation), c.1890

Anonymous, Mosaic Quilt, 19th C.

"Crazy City" Quilt, (Log Cabin variation), 76"x62", 1870

Crazy Quilt, (satin, cotton), c. 1876

Thos. K Woodard, Contained Crazy Quilt, c.1875

Wilma Bird(1903-83), "Grandmother's Fan", Quilt, West Virginia, Lincoln County.

"Spider Web" patchwork, Quilt (Kaleidoscope variation), c. 1930, (sackcloth to satin)

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