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(Before Columbus through 19th Century)

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0) Native American Tribes Distribution

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1) Navajo Transition Style Blanket, 1885-90 (black and white)

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2) Navajo period blanket, aniline dyes, Saltillo design, 1870-85.

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3) "Chieg Blanket" Phase II pattern, 1850-60

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4) "Chief Blanket" Phase III pattern, c.  1860's.

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5) Navajo "Eye-Dazzler" blanket, c. 1880-90. (Tony Berlant Collection)

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6) Navajo Blanket Shawls, Classic Period, 1870's.

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7) Women's Blanket Shawls, Classic Period, 1870's.

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8) Chilkat Robe, NW Coast, sumbol pattern=totem of clan )cedar bark, mountain goat hair).

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9) Twined Bag, Winnebago Pouch, mettle figre, buffalo wool, c. 1860.

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10) Corn husk bag, wool/yarn (pink-green) + corn husk)twined), Mrs. Peter Slickpoo, Nez Perce.

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11) Corn husk bag, (twined) yarn design overlay, Mrs. P. Slickpoo, 1890,N.  Dak.

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12) Octopus Bay, Cree, sacred circles on ceremonial leather robe.

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13) Cheyenne Painted Buffalo Skin (woman's)(Field Museum, Chicago)

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14) Cheyenne Parfleche, painted rawhide storage bag, (Field Museum, Chicago)

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15) Quilled Pouch on Black Dyed Buckskin, probably Ircquois

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16) Quilled and Beaded Pipebag, Dakota, late 19th Cen,(Thomas Burke Mus., Seattle)

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17) Plains Indian Pipebag-1800's-Trade beads from Europe=Venice, Czechoslovakia.

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18) Crow Beaded Bridle decoration, 1850-1900 (Carnegie Mus. Nat. Hist-Pitts., PA.

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19) Elkskin shirt, headed shoulder stripe, rolled Ermine-Nez Perce-J.Redheart

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20) Beaded Bag, Yakima Tribe (Thomas Burke Mus., Seattle, WA)

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21) Crow beaded horsecollar-late 19th Cen. (T. Burke Mus.)

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22) Woman's Hat, Nootka Cound, NW Coast, 18th. Cen. whaling scene, (Harvard)

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23) Woman's Hat Plateau, 15"x18", (T. Burke Museum)

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24) Woman's twined hat, hemp, root, grass overlay, zig-zag design, Plateau, 1890-1900.

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25) Yokuts Gambling Tray, fren and grass roots, redbud, c. 1900.

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26) Twined Basket with Ltd, Karok Tribe, 6"x6" (Hist. Mus., Denver COLO.)

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27) Pomo gift basket, N. Calif. or SW Oregon, tight coil (Abalone shells, feathers)

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28) Bear grass/cedar bark coiled basket, diamond design, Nez Perce, Plateau, 19th C.

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29) Bear grass/cedar bark coiled basket, stepped design, Nez Perce, c. 1890.

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