Slides for Art by Native American (Page 2)

(Before Columbus through 19th Century)

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30) Dat-So-La-Lee (Mrs. Louisa Kayser), most famous Washo Basket Weaver

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31a) Dat-So-La-Lee, "Hunting Game of the Air in Sunshine" 1850-1925

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31b) Dat-So-La-Lee, "Hunting Game of the Air in Sunshine" 1850-1925

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32) Dat-So-La-Lee, Washo baskets, 18th-19th Cen.

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33) Dat-So-La-Lee, "Wonder Hunters," "Our Ancestors Were Hunter," "With Aid of Medicine Men's Magic Arrow Points Abundance of Game was Slain" 18-19 Century

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34) SW Vessel, Abstract black and white design on red clay body, Laguna or Acoma Pueblo, Rio Grande, N.M.

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35) Acoma Polychrome Jar, Late 19th Century, clay, Calif.

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36) Lucy Lewis, Black-Wjite Geometric designs, Acoma Pueblo, SW

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37) Head Pot, Arkansas Mississippian Period, 1200-1600AD, clay.

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38) Zuni Water Jar, Polychromed, Bainbird motif, 19th. Century.

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39) "Maria" and Julian Martinez, Blackware Storage Jar, c. 1935

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40) "Maria" Montoya Martinez, Black-on-black ware, San Eldefonso Pueble, NM, 1939

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41) Nampeyo, Hopi Polychrome Jar, c. 1921, Arizona

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42) Bowls by Nampeyo and her daughter, Hopi, Arizona.

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43) Mary Colter, Hopi House, Grand Canyon.

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44) Mary Colter, Hopi House Salesroom

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45) Mary Colter, The Watchtower, Grand Canyon.

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46) Mary Colter, Watchtower scaffolding

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47) Watchtower (inside) Fred Kabotie painting sandpainting murals-Kiva room.

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48) Mary Colter, Lobby, El Ortiz hotel.

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49) Mary Colter, Mimbrero Design, Suber Chief RR china

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50) Mary Colter, Navajo Weavers, Fred Harvey Indian Building, Albuqerque, NM.



I do not have the title for the following slides.  But they belong to the same slide group.
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1) M.Colter, "Bright Angel Lodge".

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2) Mary Colter, "Hermits Rest 1".

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4) Ignatius Palmer(Mescalero Apache), "Woman gathering Yucca", 1957, watercolor.

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