Part II

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Isabel Bishop, "Two Girls", oil, 1936.

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Isabel Bishop, "Nude #2", 1954, oil on panel.

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Doris Lee, "Thanksgiving", 1930's.

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Jenne Megafan, "Western Town", 1930's.

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Ethel Megafan, "Lawrence Massacre", 1936.

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Augusta Savage, "Lift Every Voice and Sing", 1939, Sculpture.

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Barbara Hepworth, "Ancestor I", 1970, sculpture, bronze, 9'1".

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Barbara Hepworth, "The Dag Hammarskjold Memorial", 1964, scilpture, bronze, 21'.

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Barbara Hepworth, "Figure", Albastor, 20th.

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Georgia O'Keeffe, "Jack-in-the-Pulpit V", 1930, oil.

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Georgia O'Keeffe, "Pelvis with Moon", 1943, oil.

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Georgia O'Keeffe, "Ny with Moon", 1925, oil.

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Georgia O'Keeffe, "Pelvis III", 1944, oil.

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Louise Nevelson, "1st Personage", 1956, wood.

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Louise Nevelson, "Dawn's Wedding", 1959, painted wood.

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Louise Nevelson, "Royal tide II", 1961-3, sculpture, painted wood.

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Alice Neel, "Carmen & Baby", 1972, oil on canvas.

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Alice Neel, "T.B.\Harlem".

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Alice Neel, "Self-Portrait", 1980, oil on canvas.

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Irene Rice Pereiva, "Oblique Progression", 1948.

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Irene Rice Pereiva, "Bright Depth I", 1949.

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Irene Rice Pereiva, "Bright Depth II".

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Lee Krasner, "The City", 1953, oil on paper.

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Lee Krasner, "Blue Level", 1955, oil on paper.

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Lee Krasner, "Milkweed", 1955, (oil, paper, canvas).

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Joan Snyder, "Soft Pocket Song", 1973, oil and synthetic polymer.

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Joan Snyder, "Heart On".

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Joan Mitchell, "George Went Swimming at Barnes Hole, but it got too cold", oil on canvas, 1957.

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Joan Mitchell, "Rosebud", 1977, oil on canvas.

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Joan Mitchell, "Dirty Snow", 1980, oil on canvas.

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Eva Hesse, "Repetition Nineteen III", 1968, Fiber Glass and Polyster resin.

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Eva Hesse, "Tori" 1969, fiberglass on wire mesh.

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Eva Hesse, "Contingent". fiber glass and latex over cheesecloth.

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Nancy Graves, "Fossils Incorrectly Located", 1970.

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Nancy Graves, "Inside-Outside", 1970.

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