Part III

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Nancy Graves, "Variabicity of Similar Forms", 1970.

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Frankenthaler, "Swan Lake 32", oil on canvas, 1961.

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Frankenthaler, "Buddha's Court", 1964, acrylic.

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Frankenthaler, "Thtti Frutti", acrylic on canvas, 1966.

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Andrey Flack, "Chanel", acrylic on canvas, 1974.

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Andrey Flack, "Marilyn", 1977.

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Andrey Flack, "Whell of Fortune", oil/acrylic on canvas, 1977.

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Mary Betth W Edelson, "The Last Supper"(with W.Artist), 1972, photo offset.

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Mary Beth W Edelson, "Great Goddess Series", 1975, painted plywood.

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Judy Chicago, "George Sand", 1973, acrylic on canvas.

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Judy Chicago, "The Dinner Party", 1979, porcelian, Fabric.

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Judy Chicago, "Dinner Party-Place Setting, Ceramic Plate of Georgia O'Keefe", 1974-1979.

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Miriam Shapiro, "Barcelona Fan", acrylic & fabric, 1979.

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Miriam Shapiro, "Coeur Des Fleurs", 1980, acrylic, o/c.

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Miriam Shapiro, "2 Light Shades", 1986.

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Nikki de St.Phalle, Jean Tinguely, "Hon" or "She", 1966.

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Nikki de St.Phalle, "Hon" or "She".

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Betye Saar, "Liberation of Aunt Jemima", mixed media, 1972.

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Betye Saar, "Indigo Mercy", assemlance, 1975.

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Barbara Chase-Riboud, "Confessions for Myself", sculpture, bronze and black wool, 1955.

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Faith Ringgold, "God Bless America", 1964, oil on canvas.

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Faith Ringgold, "The Flag is Bleeding", 1960's(1967).

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Faith Ringgold, Mrs. Jones, & Family, 1973, "Family of Woman" series.

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Marisol, "The Family", mixed media, 1969.

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Marisol, "The Generals", sculpture.

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Photograph of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C.


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