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Although some attention is given to the techniques related to functional pottery, the work developed in ceramics ranges in variety to also focus on sculptural form. Ceramics students are expected to learn the basics of clay construction, glazing, and firing, but the ultimate aim is to use ceramics media in an expressive way-to communicate ideas. The ceramics facility is extensive and well equipped with wheels for "throwing," rooms for forming and glazing, and an impressive number of gas and electric kilns. Ceramics shares the "FIRE ARTS" area adjacent to sculpture, where an additional salt kiln and raku facility are housed.

Graduate Program

Two years tutorial program that encourages an interdisciplinary approach to art making. Students meet with faculty advisors every few weeks for informal studio visits. At the end of their second semester students participate in a first year review show in Gallery 2 with one other grad student. The thesis exhibit takes place during April of the second year and is held at the Museum of Fine Art under the museum's governance. There is an art history/theory seminar each fall semester and a practical seminar the spring of the first year. Students meet every other week for group critiques.

Private Graduate Locked Studios
Up to 252 sq. ft., equipped with sink and clay collector, 24 hour access to the building.

Assistantships and Stipends
TA - full tuition waiver 13,000 stipend annually and health insurance. Responsibilities - teach one class per semester plus 11 hours service work to the Fine Arts department. One or two Assistanships are awarded to incoming Ceramic Graduate Students each year. The Assistantship is for the student's two years of study. If the student is accepted into the program without an assistanship, they are eligible to apply for a TA for the second year of study. ^ top

3000 sq. feet of undergraduate classrooms
Kiln room
Fully stocked Glaze room
2 rooms and clay "cage" for dry material storage
Clay mixing room
"FireArtz" center for Raku, Salt kilns and Foundry

50 and 100 cubic feet gas car kilns
24 cubic feet front load kiln
3 top load electric kilns (2 computer)
1 digital electric test kiln
Raku kiln
Ball Mill
Soldner Clay mixer
Bailey Slab Roller
Lockerable electric and kick wheels
Brent electric wheels
Spray Booth and Air compressor
New "Master Kiln Builders" 30 cu. ft. Soda Kiln ^ top
Ceramic Faculty and Staff


Io Palmer

Associate Professor:
Ceramics and Foundations
T: (509) 335-4155
Office: Room 7021


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