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The Drawing area at Washington State University embraces an interdisciplinary approach to artistic creation. Students are asked to examine the importance of their practice within the greater context of the fine arts. The beginning courses in drawing cover issues such as composition, observational studies, and the development of ideas. As the student moves through the program, each person is encouraged to find his/her own voice and to develop an individual approach to art making. Frequent individual and group critiques enable students to work closely with the faculty. Peer-based interaction and collaboration provide our art majors with the skills needed to communicate and strengthen their ideas. In addition, our Endowed Forst Visiting Artist series provides our students with access to a number of important contemporary artists working in the United States and abroad.

Undergraduate Major

The following courses are recommended for students interested in a Drawing emphasis:

FA 102 Art 1
FA 110 Beginning Drawing
FA 111 Figure Drawing
FA 312 Advanced Drawing
FA 313 Drawing from the Body
FA 320 Beginning Painting
FA 370: Printmaking
FA 371: Screenprinting
FA 321 Intermediate Painting
FA 423 Advanced Painting
FA 499: Special Projects

Graduate Studies

The Drawing Area is currently seeking applicants to the graduate program. Emphasis is placed on expressive and conceptual development within a multi-disciplinary program. MFA students are asked to consider the role of drawing within the fine arts, the culture at large, and the significance drawing holds within their artistic development. Based upon portfolio quality, applicants will be considered for scholarships and teaching assistant positions to assist the drawing area and teach in the Fine Arts Department.


The drawing studios are large, have high ceilings and plenty of natural light. All studios are equipped with spray booths for the safe application of fixatives and spray-based paints. Studios are accessible seven days a week from 6am to 10pm.


Thom Brown

Department Chair
Professor: Painting and Drawing
T: (509) 335.8686
Office: Room 7023

Teresa Miró

Assistant Professor:
Drawing and Foundations
T: (509) 335.8686
Office: Room 7015

Chris Watts

Professor: Painting and Drawing
T: (509) 335-7107
Office: Room 7023

Hiromi Okumura

T: (509) 335-8686
Office: Room 6023


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Fine Arts - Office 5072, PO Box 647450, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-7450, T: 509-335-8686 or F: 509-335-7742, Contact Us