Department of Fine Arts

Graduate Admission

Graduate Admission

All M.F.A. applicants must comply with the requirements for admission to the Graduate School as specified in the Graduate Studies Bulletin.

For more information about the graduate program in Fine Arts or to schedule a visit please contact Kathy Parkins at

For the application information and forms required by the Graduate School, go to

The Department of Fine Arts requires:

1) a statement of intent indicating your area(s) of focus, the subject of your work, the concepts and issues you are exploring, and how you foresee your work evolving within the program.

2) a portfolio of no more than 15 images on CD/DVD. Digital files must be readable on Mac computers. Include a printed, hard copy inventory list of the works in your portfolio. It is preferable that images are sent in .JPG or .TIFF format and not in a presentation format such as Power point, etc. Time-based works must be limited to 10 minutes total. Since they will be viewed at 1024×768 resolution on a large projection screen, your formatted images should be as close as possible to that resolution while maintaining presentable image quality. Ensure that your name is clearly printed on the disk and the sleeve or case. Please avoid adhesive disc labels. If you would like your disks returned, please include a prepaid return mailer. CDs will be considered disposable unless otherwise indicated.

3) an inventory list with the title, medium, size and approximate date of completion for each work included in the CD/DVD portfolio.

Those applying for a Teaching Assistantship must furnish three letters of recommendation to the Graduate School indicating in which areas they are qualified to assist and teach.

If out of the ordinary equipment or facilities are needed, the applicant should inquire if they are available in the department.

Criteria for Admission

The principle criterion for admitting students into the program is the quality of the art work submitted and the potential for graduate-level development it suggests. Grades and professional experience will also have a bearing on the decision, as well as letters of recommendation for those applying for teaching assistantships.

Final Selection

The final selection of students for admission into the MFA degree program is arrived at by faculty vote and ranking, with those receiving the most votes for admission and the highest ranking given priority. The same procedure applies to the awarding of teaching assistantships.

Application Deadline

January 10th for both the Department of Fine Arts and the Graduate School
The Fine Arts Department selects students for admission into the M.F.A. program once each year. Applicants must complete their applications to both the Graduate School and the Department of Fine Arts by January 10. Those who fail to meet these deadlines cannot count on being considered for admission the following academic year. Students who wish to prepare for study leading to the Master of Fine Arts should have an undergraduate art major with 40 or more semester hours in art. Of those applicants who meet the minimum requirements for admission to the Graduate School, approximately 20-25 percent are selected for admission into the Master of Fine Arts program. For more information please contact

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