Department of Fine Arts



The sculpture area at Washington State University integrates explorations of media and technique with theoretical consideration of spaces both on and off of the pedestal. Our curriculum encompasses traditional processes such as metal casting and mold making, as well as site-specific installation and use of experimental media. Some results of late have included ventures into time-based media, interdisciplinary collaborations and performance art. We foster a responsive environment where cultural, technical, and conceptual concerns are treated equally, and students are strongly encouraged to excavate their own personal and aesthetic development.


The Sculpture area is located on the fourth floor of the Fine Arts Building. At this facility we have 9000 square feet of shop spaces that include a wood shop, metal shop, sewing room, general studio, patio, wax room, slurry room and de-vesting wet room. Additional facilities that house kilns and a foundry are located on Dairy road approximately a half mile from the fine arts building.  


Stationary TIG welder
Plasma Torch
Oxy/acetylene torches
Gas forge
Grinders, buffers, and various equipment for fabricating and forming both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Mobile electrostatic precipitators for local air treatment.
Chemical fume hood
10inch table saw
24inch bandsaw
Stationary belt sander
Radial arm saw
Panel saw
Miter saw
Drill press
Vertical plane
Complete foundry for processing Bronze and Aluminum through the lost wax process


Squeak Meisel

Associate Professor:
Sculpture Coordinator
T: (509) 335-4935
Office: Room 4033

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