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The Fine Arts Department provides a diversity of experiences in the visual arts. Degrees offered are the BA in Fine Arts, with either a studio or an art history option, the BFA and the MFA.

The fine arts studio program fosters student's abilities in a number of mediums, enabling them to become visually literate and responsive to the world in which they live. Students develop creative problem solving skills, examining and integrating cultural, historical, and conceptual issues. Students are encouraged to develop their own personal ideas and aesthetic expression in light of contemporary issues and practices. The department includes seven areas of emphasis within which to develop a program: drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, photography, and digital media. These are supported by a strong art history component.
Ceramics offers a comprehensive facility with special kilns for salt and raku firing. Two digital media labs support work in interactive and web-based media, video, sound, digital imaging and photography. The photography area has traditional color and black and white facilities and utilizes the digital media and printing facilities. The printmaking studios provide a facility for explorations in lithography, screen printing and digital photo-printmaking processes. Sculpture houses equipment for wood and metal fabrication and a facility for bronze casting.

The art history option offers a broad exposure to the history of the visual arts. Students begin with foundation survey courses, the History of World Art (FA 201 and FA 202), and then take upper-division courses to consider art from specific cultures and historical time periods. In these specialized courses, students gain familiarity with contextual issues concerning the production and consumption of art. They develop research and writing skills necessary to think critically about art and visual culture. Students are also introduced to basic aspects of studio production to enhance their visual skills and knowledge of material practices. Students complete their studies by writing a thesis paper and developing knowledge of one foreign language.

Students graduate from the Fine Arts program with a strong liberal arts degree. According to Fortune magazine, 90% of CEO's polled believe that a liberal arts education teaches critical thinking, while 77% believe study of the liberal arts teaches problem solving. As a result, our students have a wide range of career options in the arts themselves, as well as in business and professional careers available to them, due to their broad liberal arts education.

Art Student Union

(Fine Arts Club)

First meeting: Tuesday August 28 at 6pm in the fine arts lobby. All Majors welcome.

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