Modeling the Environment
1st Edition: Island Press 1999

The 1st edition was supported by a modest website
with a link on the Island Press computer and website files on the WSU computer. The link and the WSU files were removed with the publication of the second edition in 2010.

Readers of the 1st edition are encouraged to "graduate" to the 2nd edition. It presents the concepts and cases from the 1st edition in an improved format, one that takes advantage of comments from many instructors. Readers will find learning of the previous materials easier, and they will benefit from the inclusion of new materials on advances in system dynamics modeling of environmental systems.

Readers will also benefit from a new website with a vastly expanded collection of exercises. Instructors will appreicate the inclusion of all images from the book, along with answers sheets and comments on previous students' reactions to some of the exercises.

Website for the 2nd Edition ; Andy Ford's Website at WSU